Summer Retreat

Beginning of the Summer Retreat 2016

Update: 20/07/2016
After a long time of hard-working, another summer has come again in the general joy for all students.

Beginning of the Summer Retreat 2016


To entertain a summer, some make a long journal to discover some new places; others decide to visit their family after spending most of time for studying far away from family. However, over 3000 students have chosen another way for summer vocation by attending the 12th  retreat summer organized by Hoang Phap temple.

In two days from July 18th to 19th , 2016, nearly 3000 young people went to temple to enroll the entrance formality

Before the cultivation course officially opened, the monks instructed them to go sightseeing around Hoang Phap pagoda to help get more knowledge about pagoda at their cultivating retreat.

In the morning of July 20, 2016, the retreat officially started. In the first day, students are arranged places to eat and lodge, places to hear dharma and chanting. They are also directed some necessary postures as holding hands together, bowing  down, rituals of offering food for lunch …


In the afternoon the Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, Abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda, Head of Board Organization had a talk with all students. First, he praised the young’s cultivation spirit who arranged their work to attend seven day cultivation at pagoda. It is a good condition a large blessing of all attendees. Although facing to a new environment is not easy, he still hoped students would take this retreat as a new trial and put the most effort to overcome obstacles to finish seven-day cultivation in the organizers’ belief.


Particularly, on his speech, he shared and intructed about his Zen experiences. Those were noble spendings of his cultivation life. By the way, he also clearly informed as well as explained  regulations to them.

After that, Junior Venerable Thich Tam Tien – Vice of the board of content affairs who stated the retreat’s program to the young. Inthe program of this retreat, some Venerable lecturers would talk about social matters such as living ideality, social problems, family, friend, love, ect. Besides that, there would be some Dharma talk shows on the topic “Cactuses on the sand” with the guest – teacher Nguyen The Vinh, the program of Conservation on the topic “Like lotus spreading fragrance” with famous figures like singer Phi Nhung, Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh”. This occasionthe students continued to take part Dharma gameshows on many new parts and had chance to get some enjoyable gifts. Especially, there was a new program “Remaining the passion” in the last night of the cultivation course.

On this evening, composer and singer Quch Beem and Huynh Hieu Dong instructed the young the newest song named “Understanding and Loving” which was left for the cultivation course.

Summer Retreat 2016 would promise to bring some useful lessons, some profound experiences and some peaceful moment to review oneself. Besides, it has bought a good chance in entertaining and learning the new things from each other. The Summer Retreat with enjoyable facts started. 

These are some specific images:

Retreat enrolment.



The monk takes students around Hoang Phap pagoda.


Morning Exercise


Directing to take regulation and bodily postures for students.


Exchanges to idol


Organization Department gives some talks to students.


Giao lưu cùng thần tượng

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