Becoming Rich, Easy to change

Update: 18/07/2015
At the time of Buddha’s staying in Savatthi. Pasenadi, King of Kosala, came and told the Buddha:

Becoming Rich, Easy to change


Here, dear Bhagava, while I was sitting quietly alone, this thought arises in myself: ”Few people in this life after being rich and having properous assets are not attracted, lured and passionated in lust as well as they do not have bad deeds to others. In contrast, it is a great number of people in this life, after being rich and having properous assets are attracted, lured and passionated in lust as well as they have bad deeds to others.”

It is really true, it is really true, Sir :”Humans are passionated in assets and lust; they are greedy and crazy. In the lust of life, they do not have clear consciousness, so they have excessive fascination like a deer that does not see the trap. Then they suffer Karma retribution.”

(ĐTKVN, Samyutta I, Chapter 3, Section 1, Part:  Minority (Summary), VNCPHVNpublished, 1993, page 170)



We usually deduct that poverty is the main cause of social evils. However, when the human and society increase their wealth, such social evils do not decrease, sometimes even worse.


 Getting rich by doing business with honesty is something everyone wants. When parting away with poverty to live in rich life, people should not have the illusion that they have succeeded and anchored boat life to the happy harbor. The fact is that they do not buy anything with money. Changing life, being rich quickly easily creates embarrassing, even distortions in perception and actions that lead to many misfortunes in life.

When having much money, if they do not control themselves, the nefarious thought of enjoying begins to rise. Not only are there sported and lavish spending and dissipated debauch but also worse conceptions of life such as enjoyment, perversion and depravation start from here. Evidences are that the addicts, the “hero of highway”, the people playing “shaking” in all-night discos … now come from rich family. 

The second thing is that the rich people would like to be richer. Having money engenders bad habits such as drinking, gambling, dissipation and adultery. In order to compensate for the expenses of such vices, there are the briberies, corruptions, thievery of public wealth; or without public authority; therefore, they become thieves, smugglers and swindlers. The consequences are that many families are broken because of the rich. Many people are in the prison because of desire of rich and lost faith in life despite the wealth and abundance.

Thus, material wealth should be achieved but should be in balance with abundant moral and spiritual. Imbalance between wealth and spiritual is the threat. As a result, the enrichment of material and spiritual sublimation is the goal of all Buddhists.

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Khanh Phung.

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