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Avoiding Fame and Power Temptation

Update: 27/05/2016
1. It is obvious that everybody wants to pursuit the fame and the power. There are many young people saying: “As long as I like, nothing can stop my achieving”

Avoiding Fame and Power Temptation


2. It seems that the more they do things oppositely, the more fame  they have opportunity. In fact, majority of them wants notice from everybody to become famous, but this satisfaction just temporally excites them. If they have it, it is just nominal, leading to illusive benefits. Even though this fame may bring real benefits, it is completely void.

3. Young people have not long thought twice about this vanity. At the end, how many benefits can it bring to them and to other people? Nominal or illusive benefits, which is often contrary to the expectation, are the cause of suffering. They constantly make waves resulting in public opinion because they want to let people notice them. Although they do not work against the law, they cause panic in society and insecurity for everyone. They do harm not only many people but also society.

4. Facing with this social phenomenon, we must strive to change social lifestyle and the most important thing is  education on childhood from family. Parents must treat their children like friends, talk to them, discuss problems and giving gentle advices. Children will gradually discover good side, build their solution exactly. By doing that, parents not only teach children but they also help children promote the strength and the weakness. In addition, parents’ actions also set an example for children to follow. If the parents do the bad things and tell their children not to imitate, will they obey their parent’s word?

5. Besides the fame, power also attracts many people. With the power, we can solve some work. However, the power is the same as the fame. We have to be careful with it to avoid its control and falling into realm of suffering.

6. People who have the power are often famous; yet,  celebrities do not really have the power. Majority of the celebrities just has appearance, because there is a powerful hand behind their backs controlling them. Hence, they are just actors. Despite having fame as actors, the one who has the real power is director. Similarly, many people working as chairmen of managing board, general directors have no real power.

7. Powerful people who have both money and wisdom; sometimes they deny social status. So, if you have money, intelligence and social position, you will definitely have the power even though you are not famous yet. After having the power, some people exceed their authority, count on their power and use cunning, but they do not expect life will change. We must know the power is temporary, no one can hold it forever. When the body becomes weak and life circumstance changes, the power will no longer belong to them.

Powerful people who care for other people, help them and do not use power or restrictively use it for personal purpose are good. Therefore, the most important thing is that you use power by your vow and you deal with people by that attitude.

Translated into English by Huynh Vo Cao Tri.

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