Attempting to be perfect

Update: 13/08/2020
This life is like a roll of film. Those one who were born early are like the beginning of a film – nothing’s special. When they grow up, the plot of that film will change day by day. It will be more special because the situations, stories, and characters occurred in the main role.

Attempting to be perfect


There are many kinds of film. Watching the horror makes us scared. Watching the kungfu movie makes us want to be good at martial arts. Moral movies teach us many good lessons. Those movies, more or less, affect our spirits. We were born knowing nothing. Day by day, we grow up with our senses. We would recognize the happiness and sadness in our life. To complete a movie, we need a director to set up; and we also need actors as well as the scene, etc. With our living film, what can decide it good or bad, adequate or deprivatated, peaceful or miserable?

The movie of life is directed by karma. In the prayer book, Buddha taught us “Living creatures are the ones who inherit karma. Karma is the womb diathesis. Karman is the relative. It leads living creatures to go to abodes.” According to the cause and effect preach, if a blessing man does good things through many lives, he will be born in a place which is convenient to develop, full of material facilities; he will almost live with the good people. Vice versa, if a man does bad things, he will be born in the place of disasters, epidemic diseases, severe climate, and an evil environment. In daily life, those who have less blessing and more karma must face many difficulties; especially they have no chance to listen, access, understand and practice the Buddha Dharma.

Therefore, our mentality is decided by the daily environment that we deal with and access. From the standpoint of human life, ancestors said that “Evil communications corrupt bad manners”. Whether the person is good or bad has a purpose, a true ideal or not, whether he understands the right duties and responsibilities or not, is mature or not, it also thanks to the impact of the living environment. The living environment is an effect or condition we had created in the past. The environment is important but can’t control our lives. There are many people, although in a bad environment with inadequate facilities, but with a spirit of effort, overcoming difficulties to achieve their ideal purpose, success can also smile at them.

What is essential for the ideal is the effort that comes from our mental state. Instead of thinking about you to be a type of someone, how to achieve achievement, let alone train yourself to become a hard-working person. Only when we try ourselves to be able to possess, even though in the end we still do not possess what we want, there is nothing to regret. The time I have been in my life, I have to face countless things. People often fall into helplessness, ambiguity, or even bad moods. Instead of always having such inferiority complexes, let's just cherish the precious time and effort.

The key of making this ideality become true is effort. As long as we know our efforts to train our body and mind, our life will be more completed. Effort is the accepted state of mind when we face life, whether we are ordinary or great. Life is neither satisfactory nor sad. At that time, the sense of trying to fulfill the ideallity is no longer there, and then our existence has no meaning.

Life is not perfect. There will not always be things that are not going well, but that does not mean failure, nor is it impossible to achieve. In the process of implementing that ideal. We ourselves have learned maturity, patience, how to transform and perfect our mind. This is my precious, truly worthwhile thing, and I must be grateful for it. Those one want to achieve the ideal must be qualified. Qualification begins with cultivating endeavors.

Since being born, growing up or learning to speak, to walk, etc is the process of learning. Thanks to this process, we know lots of things; understand more things, not only the knowledge in the book but also the skills behaving correctly to others. Only incessantly learning, constantly improving, constantly making efforts, we can face to prove that we have not been swallowed up by the great storms, always strong with the spirit of not surrendering. To this moment, we ourselves automatically recognize. Throughout life's journey, the best memories and images are not the moment when we succeed but the dazzling light of our efforts and efforts. Right now, let us reflect ourselves correctly in each way of our thoughts and actions to be good with the rhythm of life around us.


Tâm Đệ

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