Animal Release Welcoming Vesak Ceremony

Update: 18/05/2016
To welcome Buddha’ calendar of 2560- Gregorian calendar of 2016 Vesak Ceremony and to encourage Buddhists to live well and practices Buddha teachings such as loving animals and respecting life of all living beings, the Sanghas and Buddhists performed 2 times of animal release.

Animal Release Welcoming Vesak Ceremony


On 10th May 2016 ( 4th April Lunar Monkey Year) at Cai Rang market, Can Tho city, charity group bought a lot of fishes, monopterus albus, and so on. These living beings were nearly killed to become delicious dishes on the table for human beings.  After vowing and praying for them, gentle Hau river received more than 3 tons of different kinds of fishes in joy of group.

On 15th May 2016 ( 9th April Lunar Monkey Year) at Tan Thanh Dong market, Cu Chi, group bought more than 900 kg of fishes with total value worthed 52.000.000 Ä‘ (2.300 USD). This money was contributed by two Buddhist families Doan Thi Phuong Cuc (Dharma name Tinh Hoa) and Mai Nguyen (Dharma name Thien Truc) in the US, who bought and released creatures on the Vesak ceremony.

The total amount of money for this animal release was 120,000,000VND. It was contributed by Buddhist inside and outside the country. Appoximately, 4 tons of fishes, eels, frogs, ... was saved on Vesak season this year.


Translated into English by Huynh Vo Cao Tri.

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