Almost 2,000 Buddhists took Triratna Refuge

Update: 30/03/2015
On March 29th 2015 (February 10 Goat Year), nearly 2,000 Buddhists gathered at Hoang Phap Pagoda to take part in the Triratna Refuge Ceremony.

Almost 2,000 Buddhists took Triratna Refuge


Taking Triratna Refuge is an essential beginning, which\r\nmarks shifts of human’s mind that of returning to basing on the Buddha,\r\nDharma, Sangha. The ceremony was impressed on the Buddhists so that they\r\nthemselves remind to learn the Dharma, better their behavior for improving\r\nthemselves, especially on the path of cultivation that Sakyamuni had taught.

The ceremony was taken place during a day at Hoang Phap\r\nPagoda. After having breakfast, the Buddhists gathered at the hall to listen\r\nthe preach of Senior Thich Tam Dao- vice abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda about the\r\nmeaning of Triratna Refuge and Five Precepts, as well as explain some of basic\r\nterms; for example, repentance, religious name, Sakyamuni, master\r\nof junior monk, layman, lay woman, etc. After the Dharma talk,\r\nprecept-kept Buddhists had lunch and haven a snap at the pagoda.

In the afternoon, the ceremony officially took\r\nplace in the solemn and tranquil atmosphere. Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh,\r\nabbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda and opts monks witnessed the ceremony. After\r\nvowing incense and reciting Buddha name, he transmitted the Triratna\r\nrefuge to the Buddhists. Consequently, he also praised, encouraged the\r\nBuddhists.

Being in human body is difficult;\r\nBuddhists are lucky on account of having human body, knowing Dharma\r\nand taking Triratna refuge. Now, in the world,\r\nmany religions lead people into the heresy. We should recognize the luck\r\nof being a Buddhist, because this is path that will lead us\r\ninto the happiness and peace.

Besides taking Triratna refuge, Buddhists should receive and\r\nretain five precepts, because they lead our life into the purity\r\nand nobility, which is the base of human’s morality. After taking\r\nTriratna refuge, the Buddhists should rely on their master to cultivate\r\nand do not believe in heretical master; we are not lured by\r\ndelusion in order to lose their right path, which incurs sorrow.\r\nFurthermore, the Buddhists should diligently go to pagoda to\r\ncultivate; spend time on listening Dharma, chanting, vowing Buddha; study\r\nBuddha’s Dharma.


Ending of the ceremony, each received a gift\r\nincluding a book  â€œA brief story of Shakyamuni Buddha” and\r\na VCD of “The Refuge Taking Ceremony”

Below are some taken images:


Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Cam Nhung.

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