All Sentient Beings’ Listening to Dharma

Update: 22/01/2015
Helping Buddhists and attendants in the pagoda be aware of the importance of the Pure Land Sect and encouraging the advanced cultivation, after finishing affairs of the 78th seven- day cultivating course, in the evening of January 21th 2014 (December 2nd Horse Year), monks and Buddhists listened to a dharma talk named “Whose Responsibility?” preached by Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh- the abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda on the beginning day.

All Sentient Beings’ Listening to Dharma


A person cultivating Sukhavati (The Pure Land Sect) has to\r\nknow how to apply the name of Amitabha words in life to get peace and joy at\r\nthe moment and in the future. We should be clever to practice those words in\r\norder that every work of life, every range could get benefit. Sukhavati\r\ncultivating means making speech, action, and thought become pure. Thus, one\r\nevoking Amitabuddha must keep the precepts and practice right things. Besides,\r\nBuddhists must avoid extreme points; they do not think that the Buddha is a god\r\nwith miracle abilities, which causes Buddhism to become illusory, misanthropic\r\nwhich is just only for the old, the dead, etc.

In his preaching, Senior Ven. also implied that Buddhism is\r\nthe Vietnamese religion. The teaching of Buddha is appropriate for reality,\r\nscience; and these days, it is concerned by intellectual scholars (especially\r\nwesterners). Therefore, we- Buddhists living in the S land should be positive\r\nin inheriting our ancestors’ tradition to construct a developing Buddhism asserted\r\nnational character of Vietnamese culture.

Besides proclaiming the Buddha- truth, Buddhists should\r\nsupport Buddha dharma. They do not let other religions distort, sabotage the\r\nright Dharma. We should struggle against any scheme damaging Buddhism. Furthermore,\r\nwe should also be on the alert and not to do wrong things, which are invaded by\r\nexotic cultures transferred from other religions.

Here is an essential preach to the Buddhists; especially\r\ncultivators practicing the Pure Land Sect evoking Amitabuddha. This preaching\r\nhelps Buddhists have a clearer knowledge of practicing and supporting Dharma\r\ngenerally, and the Pure Land Sect particularly. Therefore, the Buddhists should\r\nstudy and contemplate about this preach. Buddhists can listen to this preach at here.

Below are some taken photos:

Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Cam Nhung.

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