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Affliction and vice

Update: 19/09/2015
Most people would have affliction. When this suffering becomes a routine, the effect of affliction gradually does not exist. It leaves only a disturbing phenomenon which is a bad habit.

Affliction and vice

Some people, for instance, appreciate money as their lives. As soon as they see money, they immediately want to grasp it as starving; This feeling of hunger is so disturbing. One often feel such hunger that they just want to get money at once, they absolutely do not take consideration on whether it should do or not; in this case, the suffering becomes bad habit other than affliction. Thus, vice and affliction have very few things in common.

 Not only does affliction harm the owners, but it sometimes hurts others around them as well. If the negativity arises without outwardly manifesting, others may not be hurt, but oneself be distressingly done. As boys secretly loves and miss a girl, she often crosses into his mind of his own volition. However, she did not know at all while boy is sadly drunk. Though, he has not hurt her, he hurts himself. Suppose the girl does not love him, but he continuously pursues her, which also makes her irritating. Such action to other people makes them enraged as well as bringing negativity to their mind.

 However, bad habits are unconsciously formed. One could accidentally hurt the others but he or she does not know it is disturbing. When eating with other people, supposing that he looked into the others’ s bowl , seeing what they are having. Not to mention, his impoliteness really makes them unpleasant. Furthermore, some people do not think of others’ feelings, without covering their mouth or even talking to people while coughing. He is unaware of such behavior making people feel frustrated. Because of his unintentional conduct, he may never know others unpleasant. Actually, his bizarre carelessness lays others hatred, which is also bad habits.

 People with severe habits often make others disgusted; but to some extent, there are negative habits people see cute. Dalai Lama, for instance, went for proclaiming Buddha’s merit to many places. In front of the crowd, he was saying while he was pulling his robe, or his hands were touching his nose, or that kind of thing. He did not notice how people felt, but because he was the Dalai Lama expressing such trivial habits that people think it loveliness.

 Once, we delivered a sermon at the anniversary house of the President in Taipei. Owing to wearing a number of clothes, we felt quite hot. At that moment, we did not notice the reaction of others, and then said: "Sorry! We feel so hot!". After that, we disrobed. The audience in the hall saw us truly content and close. Although we did not act as naturally as Dalai Lama did, we should not try to tolerably endure scratching when we felt itchy. When the itch becomes unpleasant, we should naturally scratch. In other words, sitting for a while should also move. It had better not to be so serious that it becomes a kind of suffering.

 As for people, everyone also show bad conducts. Some have expressed it very cute, but some make people disgusted. Hence, we should consider what situation we were at that time, what position we were. It is not highly recommended to follow our comfort without noticing others’ discomfort. To some extent, we incidentally cause unhappiness to others but not ourselves.

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai.

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