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A Visit to old Pagoda Jikjisa

Update: 13/08/2016
On Aug 12th, 2016 (10/07 lunar calendar) Ven. Thich Chan Tinh and the delegation of Buddhist monks returned to Incheon City to continue their Buddhist activities after their trip in Busan City, South Korea.

A Visit to old Pagoda Jikjisa


Before leaving the Samkwangsa Pagoda where the delegation had stayed in Busan, Ven. Thich Chan Tinh and his group came to thankfully say good bye to the host abbot. In the cozy morning atmosphere, the Venerable expressed his gratitude to the host abbot’s kindness enabling the delegation’s stay during its trip here, as well as sending him best regards. Additionally, the Venerable invited him to visit Vietnam as well as Hoang Phap Pagoda. In response, the host abbot said that he was very pleased to welcome the delegation in the last two days, he also sent best wishes to the delegation and its Buddhist activities.


After that, the Venerable and his group came to visit the old Pagoda Jikjisa in Central Korea.


The old Jikjisa pagoda built early in the fifth century, year 418 (2nd year of the reign of King Nulji, dynasty Silla), by founder Master Ado, is located at the foot of the Hwangaksan Mountain, Jikjisa-gil, Daehang-myeon, Gimcheon-si city, Gyeongsangbuk-do.


This old pagoda has also been honored as "Eastern foremost mountainous Pagoda ", one of the important pagodas of the Jogye meditation sect.


The Birojeon Shrine (Vairocana) still keeps about a thousand of ancient Buddha statues. The Daeungjeon Hall (The Precious   Hall Of The Great Hero), is one of the most famous architectural works of the Joseon Dynasty.


Through ups and downs events along history, this ancient pagoda was destroyed during the war in 1590. Then it was rebuilt from 1610 to 1670. This is the oldest pagoda in South Korea.


Initially, this old pagoda was built simply. In 645, under the reign of Seondeok Regina, Lawyer Jajang was the person who had the merit of renovation this pagoda up to about 40 wooden buildings. Its architecture is quite harmonious and perfect, surrounded with valleys, green pine forests and especially foliage in autumn, which are quite charming to tourists and pilgrims.


At this place, the Venerable and his group were guided a tour of visit around the Pagoda. After that, the pagoda’s vice abbot came to welcome the delegation.

He was very happy to have the delegation visit the pagoda and implement Buddhist activities in Korea. He also shared Korean sangha’s daily life and practice. Conversely, he also asked about that of Vietnamese clergy and Venerable Thich Chan Tinh briefedhim the key points. After that, the Venerable respectfully invited him to visit Hoang Phap Pagoda at the soonest possible time. Concluding the meeting, the deputy abbot sent some gifts as well as had some photos taken with the delegation.

Following are the recorded photographs from the trip:

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