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A Visit To Haedong Youngkungsa and Beomeosa Pagodas

Update: 12/08/2016
On Aug 11th, 2016 (July 9th lunar calendar), the second day of the Buddhist affairs trip to Busan City, South Korea, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and the delegation visited the Youngkungsa and Beomeosa pagodas.

A Visit To Haedong Youngkungsa and Beomeosa Pagodas


The Haedong Younggungsa Pagoda (also known as the East Sea Dragon King’s Palace) is located on the rugged and mountainous northeast coast of Busan. This is one of the most beautiful pagodas in good terrain in South Korea and also one of the most famous and sacred temples, in Busan.


Haedong Yonggungsa was first built in 1376 during the reign of King Uwang, Goryeo dynasty. Legend has it that the temple was built after the dream of great master Naong. At that time, the country constantly suffered from drought and crop failure. One night, master Naong dreamed of Dragon King’s appearance on the east coast, a good omen. He reported it to king Uwang and asked him to build the pagoda named East-Sea-Dragon King’s Palace.


In this Pagoda, there is a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni in the main shrine, an outdoor altar for God of Wealth  whose statue is gilded) and the altar of East-Sea-Dragon-King on the left shrine. On the top of the mountain is the white-stoned-statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva overlooking the sea. This pagoda is considered a seaside masterpiece, a harmonious image combination  of heaven and earth, Buddhism and local folks’ beliefs.


The Beomeosanam Pagoda is located on the mountainside of Geumjeongsan – a famous mountain in Busan. The temple was built 1300 years ago by Monk Ui Sang in the 18th year of reign of King Munmu, Silla dynasty. In the geography book named Donggukyeojiseungram, the origin of Pagoda  Beomeosa is written as follows: “On the top of Geumjeongsan mountain, there was a golden water well , in which gold fish rode colorful clouds descended earth from the sky. That is why the mountain was named Geumsean – golden well and the Pagoda was named Beomeosa- heavenly fish.


The original Beomeosa Pagoda was completely damaged during the Imjinwaeran war when Japan attacked Korea in 1592. In 1713, the pagoda was rebuilt as we can see it today. Daeungjeonla is the most beautiful and magnificent architecture in the Joseon time.


With beautiful nature landscape, majestic mountains, together with unique ancient architecture and many valuable cultural heritages, the old Beomeosa pagoda always attracts lots of tourists and pilgrims. At the temple, there are many regular events for Buddhists and visitors as meditation training course, meditation retreats, tea parties or vegan parties ...

Following are the recorded photographs from the trip:

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