A story of trees

Update: 18/04/2018
Our temple has two big magnolias, planting near to my room. One has grown fast after week with strong buds, whereas the other one still keeps the old form with some old leaves and grew no bud.

A story of trees


As usual, every morning, our dharma brothers arise some matters about the magnolias. We all feel happy seeing the strong magnolia in growing up and feel a bit sad on the other one in the unchanged look. We all think it’s hard to live without giving buds and drop off the old leaves. We were wrong while short of the magnolia’s growing knowledge. It doesn’t give any buds because of nurturing the old leaves. We then cut off those leaves and the weak magnolia starts to sprout, break out its skin and flush. It’s really nice in the new form.

In the opposite, the strong magnolia starts to wither. The buds haven’t fully grown up yet, dropped at the land. The wind comes to wake it up but no any response from them. We thought it dies soon because their leaves were soon cut off while no time to take root. Or we may drop short of how to take care… All are the causes lead to its untimely death.

Not differ from the Buddha’s teaching: “All are impermanent”. No one can guess what will happen to one and others. Just as the two magnolias, one gives a bright hope for everyone a good future and the other support no effect. As the result, they are opposite. The weak one takes a slow developing because it needs time to reborn the damaged roots for a strong developing later. Root is the soul of the tree so when it has a good nourish from the beginning, a healthy life will be ensured. The strong magnolia shows its energy from early, takes no time to prepare a strong developing, therefore it dies soon as the way it comes.

As a Buddha’s son, we should follow the send magnolia, the weak one for later stable and strong developing. We need time to learning knowledge, to be patient, to keep out moral rules… when all are mature we can be a Dharma carrier, can play well the Buddhist role on the monk form to populate the teaching to everywhere. Don’t be like the first one with a strong show from very early then drop behind or drop out forever. Every success needs a good preparing process for firm standing before the rough of life.

Tam Van

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