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A Sightseeing Tour of Thongdo at Pagoda and Bulguksa pagoda – South Korea

Update: 11/05/2016
In the morning of May 10th, 2016 (Lunar April 4th, Monkey Year), on way back from the southern, the group visited Thongdosa pagoda and Bulguksa pagoda

A Sightseeing Tour of Thongdo at Pagoda and Bulguksa pagoda – South Korea


It’s known that Thongdosa pagoda is on the mount Yang, South of Gyeongsang province. This is one of five pagodas keeps Relic. The pagoda was named Jeokmyeonbogung that means Palace of Eternal Death. In Korean’s opinion, this is center of belief that people will live joyfully for ever.

The special point of this pagoda is different  way of worship statue of Buddha from other pagodas. The pagoda just worships inside sanctuaries and build fane for relics outside.

The pagoda is representative symbol for Buddha Ratna of Triratna Refuge 

Next, the group visited Bulguksa pagoda at the north  Gyeongsang. This pagoda has seven precious national treasure objects including stone towers and gold statue Buddha. The specific characteristics of this work is construction and sculpture by stone but they are supple and natural as if they are constructed by earth.  This is one of building projects in the Sila dynasty. In 1995, the pagoda was recognized World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


The following are recorded pictures:

Chùa Thông Độ


Chùa Phật Quốc

Translated into English by To Le Van

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