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A Sightseeing Tour of Incheon City – South Korea

Update: 12/05/2016
In the morning of May 11­th, 2016 ( Lunar April 5th, Monkey Year), the group had a sightseeing tour in Incheon City

A Sightseeing Tour of Incheon City – South Korea


They visited The Museum of Korea Emigration History – The place show clearly Korean emigration history. From relics on display and pictures, visitors can imagine The Korean’s process of migration. In hard years, Incheon port was Korean’s point of departure to other regions where they can seek better living!


 Next, the group came to Wolmi park. Contrary to The Museum, Wolmi is symbol of development in Incheon. Seeing from the Wolmi observatory, sightseers can admire the overall view.


In the evening, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and monks came to Buddhist Dieu Ha in Ansan. From his Dharma lecture, the Senior Ven. pointed out two issues that Vietnamese who live abroad need know clearly: They have to define national original point. Although they live away from our country or get into any situation, they know who they are  So we teach the national character to descendants. As a result, the Vietnamese community all stand together in foreign land. Besides,  the Senior Ven. explained the significance of a wise master in detail. Overseas compatriots get opportunity of having great learning and know many doctrines. Among them with Buddhist nomination, but they apply a false religion. So Buddhists must have right view to choose right Dharma of Buddha in order to faithfully follow the line of the wisdom. If a Buddhist who took refuge with the Triratna hasn’t made difference between right and wrong, he should ask the master of a junior monk to avoid condition of superstition. As he doesn’t know how to cultivate although he took refuge with the Triratna.


The following are recorded images:

The Museum of Korea Emigration History

Công viên Wolmi


Visit to Buddhist Dieu Ha in Ansan
 Translated into English by To Le Van

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