A Monk’s Property

Update: 30/04/2015
At one time the Blessed One was living in the Jetavana-vihara in Sràvasti, called monks:

A Monk’s Property

Bhikshu! there are seven properties (Saptadhana), what is seven?  There are belief, commandments, shame (for self), shame (for others), hearing instruction, almsgiving, and wisdom.

Here, the monk who has belief and believes in my enlightenment, called confidence.

Here, the monk who gives up killing, stealing… drinking, called observance of the commandments.

Here, the monk who is shamed for the bad actions of body, speech and mind, called shame (for self).

Here, the monk who is feared for the bad actions of body, speech and mind, called fear.

Here, the monk who had heard much, kept what had heard, praised the pure living, repeated them many times, devoted to observing mind, achieved the right view, called hearing instruction.

Here, the monk who gives up the craving and loves the almsgiving, called renunciation.

Here, the monk who has the full understanding of arising and ceasing, entering the Noble way, leading to ceasing suffering, called wisdom.


Oh Bhikshu!, here are the seven properties, who owns these properties called wealth.

(Anguttara Nikaya III, chapter 7, part of Property)



Mention about property people often think of possession of such thing as money, house, land, and so on. The more property we have the more fame of wealth we will get and the stable feeling is more consolidated. So getting rich truly and honest is the general norm for all human, strive for mastery.


 However, owning the material property is just a part of life. It will be a great shortcoming for both individual and community if only attaching special importance to building material property but forgetting to enrich and develop spiritual property. The unbalance between material and spiritual development will create social crisis, especially some problems of collapse morality, decadent dignity, conceptual living of gratification, forget themselves and their origin…

For the monk, “Releasing richeness; asking for simplicity” is one of necessary condition to gather and enrich spiritual property. Though spiritual property is invisible, it is grandios and not too difficult to get. It is unnecessary for violent competition to get faith, observance of the commandments, shame (for self), shame (for others), hearing instruction, almsgiving, and wisdom.

Spiritual property is generously the creator’s gift for everyone and seeking for what is pure source is the way to get rich of the monk. This kind of property once accumulated will bring wealth, happiness and stableness before the fluctuation of life. 

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