A moment of retrospection

Update: 11/06/2018
In a hustle, bustle of life Let it be a moment to look back I will learn to say “no complaint”.

A moment of retrospection


Life is beautiful; yet many people still turn it into a mess, while everything still goes on to its rules. People often either complain about things that do not get along as well as they would like or look for their own worries.

Until now, I understand that whenever I complain, I feel anxious and sad. The presumption is that the act of complaining will be welcomed and supported by many, but, in fact, it can knock you out. It brings about a dull expression, a detached attitude and feelings of misery and disinterest. What is more dangerous is the long-term apathy that has been dragging me down. When you worry and complain, you are losing your precious time. The wise and the optimistic just think about things and events instead of worrying. During communication, everyone wants the other person to hear what they are saying and no one wants to hear the other person complaining all day long. Whenever the sadness comes, telling yourself that things are happy and you are happy will make everything better.

I will learn to be more tolerant and ask for less.

When you make a mistake, it is wiser to admit your mistake then apologize. Usually, we tend to blame others for our mistakes rather than acknowledge the mistakes ourselves. Actually, admitting your own mistakes is a smart way of behaving. Also, when you can forgive somebody for their mistakes, others will do the same to you. Why should you harbor your own anger? We tend to "hate" people who are irritated and quick to scold others but when we think about it, those people are not happy to be harboring those uncomfortable feelings within themselves. Ben Franklin said: "What begins in anger will end in shame."

Do not ask too much of others, or ask questions such as "Why do people treat me like that?”, “Why am I always being scorned?", or "Why am I not lucky?". Life, like the flow of water, sweeps away everything. Only humans tend to keep it all. Give it away and then you will receive a lot more, that is the constant law of nature (or law of cause and effect). No one is perfect, not you, not anyone else. Bearing that in mind will make life a lot easier.

I will create a busy life.

If people have more free time, problems will arise, they often say "idle hands are the devil’s playthings". The most dangerous thing is that when we are idle, we often make despicable jokes, which are like a speeding train that leads us to a crazy world. Plan and use your time, but do not be so busy that you do not have time to rest, but also do not let your life be so tedious that you do not know what to do today. If you feel that life is too boring, after hours you have nothing to do and nowhere to go, you can volunteer in a charity, or go to places like hospitals, orphanages or some place where you can see the impermanence and fragility of life, to seek a little peace for your  soul. If there is no place else to go, just sit down to breathe and meditate, you will feel more at ease. On weekends you can visit friends, relatives or go to a certain temple to feel closer to your spiritual self, instead of lying on the sofa, hugging the cat and complaining "I’m so bored".

I will smile more.

Maybe you are a talented person but the lack of humor will make your life become bland. Smiling is the best way to "ask" the other person to smile back to you. Trying to break the anxiety and smile for a few minutes will help you relax. There have been many articles about the benefits of smiling. I always remember that I have to smile more, worry less and love myself. I do not spend a lot of time thinking about bad things in the past. Ban Ki Moon, the famous diplomat with a smile on his face, talked about his secret of success: "Smile and smile." He said: "People just see a smile as it is without realizing its strength." Create your own power by always carrying a "weapon" called a smile…

I wish that you are always optimistic and loving life for everyday is a precious lesson, as long as we still exist in this world, smile at life and life will smile back at you. Good luck!


Life is the greatest thief of time and friendship demands all that we can give it. Remember to respect your friends and celebrate your friendships over the years 

Thich Tam Khoi

Translated into English by Doan Thanh Truc

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