A Meeting of "Gratitude towards Tradition" 2014

Update: 09/12/2014
Being in one of the Buddhist activities in The Patriarch’s Death Anniversary Hoang Phap pagoda formally organized the second meeting “Gratitude towards Tradition” in a grateful spirit of Buddha’s children in the evening of 7th December 2014 (lunar Horse Year 16th October). Joining the anniversary, there were Monks coming from Hoang Phap pagoda, also Monks from other branches of Hoang Phap pagoda and Buddhists.

A Meeting of


Up to the present time, there have been more than 10\r\nbranches of Hoang Phap pagoda which were established and in developing process.\r\nAfter the whole year being the Abbott of branches belonging to Hoang Phap\r\npagoda, now noble Monks had a chance to come back to take refuge in The Master\r\nand the masses. This was a great opportunity to nourish the relationship\r\nbetween Master and Monks and strengthen brotherhood. Experiments about\r\npropagating Dharma everywhere were shared among the Monks in the anniversary in\r\norder to build a strong community of Monks.


After the opening address of Ven. Thich Chan Tinh the Abbott\r\nof Hoang Phap pagoda, the Most Ven. Thich Tam An on behalf of the Monks gave a\r\nspeech to show their gratitude toward the Master. Next, the Abbotts of the\r\nbranches stated in order their pagodas achievements and problems during the\r\ntime operating.


In general, the branches of Hoang Phap pagoda being\r\ndeveloped in facilities attracted a large number of local Buddhists .Besides,\r\nthe Abbott monks are facing with lots of difficulty which is about human\r\nresources, local circumstances, etc. To get the current results, all of them\r\nbelieve that propagating Dharma is a true greatness which requires compassion\r\nand wisdom to overcome obstacles and save the people with illusion.


After the sharing of the Monks, the Abbott Ven. of Hoang\r\nPhap had words of encouragement and solution for problems the Monks facing\r\nwith.


In the inner wishes of the Buddhas disciples, many people\r\nwish to do research, translation and practice Dharma. But due to the sake of\r\nmiserable people, Monks have sacrificed to bear the Dharma work and take responsibility\r\nin the local preacher. Many Buddhists in remote areas have the desire that\r\nmonks will come to their place to propagate Dharma so they can rely on and\r\npractice Dharma. For that reason the Venerable encouraged monks to go as much\r\nas possible in order to make the Dharma work. Whether the Abbott can win the\r\npublic’s heart or not which is determined by the moral precepts of each person.\r\nIn addition, the Abbott has to have a deep inner wish for propagating and\r\nespecially a diligent cultivation. He should see things through the public’s\r\neyes to understand them. The most success when working out is the monks have\r\ndone good job of benefiting human beings.


On this occasion, the Venerable Abbott suggested that every\r\nMonk should take five 5 days off every year to join the Patriarch Death’s\r\nAnniversary. This is a great chance to learn from each other, and share the\r\nprecious experience on the way of practicing and propagate Dharma.


Below are recorded pictures:

Translated into English by Thai Nhuoc Don.

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