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A Dharma Talk at Phuoc Thanh Pagoda – Tra Vinh Province

Update: 24/07/2016
On July 24th, 2016 morning (June 21st, lunar calendar), the Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh came to Pagoda Phuoc Thanh, Kim Hoa Commune, Cau Ngang District, Tra Vinh Province for a Dharma Talk on the invitation of nun Thich Nu Trung Tho.

A Dharma Talk at Phuoc Thanh Pagoda – Tra Vinh Province

First, he praised the Buddhist’s cultivation diligent spirit. There were also many pagodas that had organied some seven-day cultivations, but afterwards they couldn’t continue because of without cultivators.

The seven-day cultivation retreat at Phuoc Thanh pagoda had implemented to the 60th course which is noble and appreciated high.

Diligence is the essential mind which was reminded in thirty seven chapters of the religious support (the fourfold stage of mindfulness, the four right efforts; the four steps to supernatural power, the five roots; the five powers, the seven characteristics of bodhi, the Noble eightfold path, etc, from the Buddha’s teaching). It is the meaning of endurance, persistencewithout intermittence, or withdrawal. If we are hurry, urgent, we will be difficult to gain result as our hope. In the secular like religious one, those who wants to obtain good results in life must effort and try their best. Particularly, to a leaving home person of cultivation which towards the fruit of permanent peacefulness, their trying is more stable, resistant to be able to achieve.

Four right diligence were four deeds of woking hard that is the right the dharma, including of following:


First, diligence preventing evil things which have not yet  been raised; when they have, we must try to stop themIt is as the stringtying a buffalo’s nose and preventing it from eating rice.

Second, diligence evades the evil ones which had appeared. It is not far from us, in our thought, speech, and body. So, avoiding of ugly ones is the meaning of not doing wrong in our thought, speech, and body again.

Thirdly, diligence creates good deeds, which have not done. Maybe, sometimes we have good thinking that we want to help thisperson, support others, but because of laziness or unwilling, we did not perform those ones. So, if our mind wants to do good ones, we must be enthusiastic and diligent to implement immediately.

Fourthly, diligence develops good ones that we have done which were good actions have performed, we should not think enough, on the contrary, we must continuously practice to become our behaviours, untils each our working, speech, thought, etc, were all good is right.


 All of above was the content of dharma talk that the Senior venerable preached to the mass.

After preaching , he gave them a DVD “From illness to the treatment” and “Cultivation is to progress”

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