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58th Dharma Light Program

Update: 26/02/2017
On Sunday, Feb 26, 2017 (Feb 01, lunar calendar), thousands of people from provinces and cities gathered at Hoang Phap pagoda to attend the One-Day Retreat and the 58th Dharma Light program.

58th Dharma Light Program


Based on the invitation from the organizer, Reverend Thich Dao Quang came to Hoang Phap Pagoda as a lecturer and consultant for the 58th Dharma Light program to release all the queries and concerns from the audience. Closing the event, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda, program director, finalized the Q&A section and concluded the program. By the way, he also shared about the progressing multi-functioned building project at Hoang Phap pagoda as well as the plan of building new subsidiary pagodas in the whole country so that everyone could commune and accompany with the pagoda in its Dharma preaching activities.

Following are the questions in the Q&A section of the 58th Dharma Light program:

Question 1:

In Shurangama Mantra, there is a sentence: “I humbly ask the Bhagavan to certify my aspiration: to volunteer entering the evil world with five turbidities”.

In Amitābha-Sūtra, there is also a paragraph mentioning about “the evil world with five turbidities”

Could you please explain us the meaning of that phrase? Why Buddha call this world “the evil world with five turbidities”?

Question 2:

My late father used to be a fortune-teller during his life and he taught his children these skills including me. I, now and then, also do the sideline job of a fortune-teller, especially on new year occasion. Right now, I study Buddhism Dharma, know about the cause and effect rule, try my best to sow good deeds and follow Buddha teachings. I cannot give up the soothsaying yet because I myself see such activities in many pagodas. Following are my questions: is it sinful? Does it generate bad karmas?

Question 3:

· Buddhism guides us about the Enlightenment, wisdom and intelligence i.e. it does not accept the superstitious activities/issues. What is the best way to remedy the superstitious mindset of people as well as the superstitious activities in pagodas, traditional festivals and ancestor worship? Especially, on new-year occasion, the superstition has deformed the diversified cultural festivals to uncultured ones.

· Is praying the right or wrong activity in view of Buddhism?

The 58th Dharma Light program will be updated on Hoang Phap website soonest. It is our pleasure having your kind attention.

Following are the recorded photographs:

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