4th Program of Sun Flower

Update: 25/04/2014
In the morning of April 25th , 2014 (March 26th in Horse Year), on the occasion of the 76th Seven-Day Retreat, Hoang Phap Pagoda kept organizing the 4th Program of Sun Flower on the topic “Buddha is the homeland”. The main character of this program is a Buddhist singer Phi Nhung, a familiar person to the public, especially for those who has a passion for music.

4th Program of Sun Flower


Throughout this program, Phi Nhung shared her childhood,\r\nwhich was full of difficulties and challenges on the way leading to success.\r\nInside the story, there were dream, relationships, experiences that make\r\naudience drop to tears.

Born at a temple located in Gia Lai-Kon Tum, Phi Nhung was\r\nan orphan living with her maternal grandparents. In the age of 16, she and her\r\ntwo cousins emigrated and lived in USA. With all her will and passion, Phi\r\nNhung tried her best and became an excellent sewer at a famous garment company\r\nin the US. Furthermore, after leaving work, she also worked as a chef assistant\r\nand waiter because she had to save money and sent back to siblings in homeland.\r\nAfterward, she accidentally met Phuong Trinh - a singer and also the wife of\r\nartist Bang Kieu - By Phuong Trinh’s encouragement and help, Phi Nhung decided\r\nto quit her current jobs and started her second dream work – becoming a singer.\r\nPhi Nhung stepped into entertainment area with all her effort. At the end, she\r\nfinally received the sympathy of all local and foreign audience.

After becoming a famous artist, Phi Nhung went back to\r\nhomeland and began her charity business. She has gone to wherever help is\r\nneeded, the poor, the old and the mental patients. Especially, Phi Nhung had\r\nalready been “mother” of 17 Buddhist novices belonging to a pagoda in Binh\r\nPhuoc. Phi Nhung dedicated all her love to poor people and she was making\r\neffort to create better thing.

Being asked about how to apply the Buddha’s teaching in real\r\nlife, Phi Nhung simply answered that her grandparents had taught the Buddha’s wisdom\r\nwhen she was a child. Coming from a Buddhist family, she tried not to do evil\r\nthings, not to do harm or to backbite to others. Remembering Buddha’s words,\r\nshe neither hates nor grumbles. According to her, helping people is worth being\r\na child of the Buddha.

In the talk with Phi Nhung in this program, Phi Nhung is\r\nfound out to be real, honest and very simple person. Yet, inside this little\r\ngirl who has a kind heart, always thinks of and helps others.

At the end of the program, the Senior Venerable repeated her\r\ntwo sentences: “She never thinks of herself or her life and all her dream come\r\ntrue”. We can see that to those who do not think of themselves will attain\r\nsuccess.


From Phi Nhung’s example, he raised the lesson for\r\nparticipants that Buddhists must learn and follow the Buddha’s teaching, do the\r\ngood and helpful thing. As all His life for beings, the Buddhists should follow\r\nthat spirit. In addition, the senior venerable added that who cultivate with\r\nSukhavati sect must follow Amitabha Buddha’ example. Amitabha Buddha created 48\r\nvows, and established the Pure Land to help beings. To rebirth on the Pure Land\r\nWorld, beings must gather enough causal conditions, merits, whose biggest\r\nkarmic is devoting the mind to bodhi mind, opening heart of all, helping all.\r\nThat is our happiness, joyfulness in life. Although Phi Nhung didn’t have time\r\nto listen and learn the dharma, she has practiced the Buddha’s teaching and let\r\nthe example to all.

Following photos are taken in the retreat:


Translated by Tang Gia Boi.

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