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4th Day of Summer Retreat 2017: Fakebook

Update: 13/07/2017
Our life is more likely a book, in which some chapters talk about failure, loss, difficulty while others express bright victory, great joy, or fabulous success. Despite success or failure, glory or shame, win or lose, all are worth learning. This vital factor is the message of the 4th day of Summer Retreat.

4th Day of Summer Retreat 2017: Fakebook


In the morning, young participants listen to the Dharma talk from Venerable Thich Tam Tien with a very special topic: Fakebook.

The title Fakebook may trigger misunderstanding from audience that the lecturer will talk about the pros and cons of Facebook. But when looking carefully into the title, we will see the word “Fake” instead of “Face”. Fake means false or counterfeit. The lecturer wants to send youth the message: Life is a fake book with immeasurable delusion, nevertheless, we reserve the right to write it with our heart and mind.

Young people are fond of show, therefore, when getting recognition or praise, we feel pleased, proud or happy. From that point of view, the mindset of pride, complacency, arrogance … may arise. On the contrary, we feel unhappy, sad, or angry with criticism, reprimand or correction. It is necessary for us to control our mind, be calm in front of praise and blame to become mature. It is the right way for inner peace.

The way to success is full of not only flowers and butterflies, but also hardship and challenges. Each of us need to strive to grow up, to write valuable pages in the book of our life. Key factors for a great book include love, sincerity, patience and persistence... in which, the care to others is indispensable. In the moments of crisis, deadlock, despair, people with cares are always available there to share, listen, motivate, encourage and help friends discover the sunk power inside and overcome difficulties. The ones we love and love us can help nourish and promote the values ​​of our lives.

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