23rd Dharma Study Program in Hoang Phap Pagoda

Update: 08/12/2016
On Dec 08, 2016 (Nov10, lunar calendar), Hoang Phap Pagoda carried out its 23rd Dharma Study program to turn Dharma wheel and preach doctrine to Buddhists. Nearly 1,000 participants gathered in the main hall to attend the program after registering for their participation in the 84th 7-Day-Retreat that would be held on the following day.

23rd Dharma Study Program in Hoang Phap Pagoda


In this 23rd Dharma Study program, Venerable Thich Minh Thanh, lecturer at the Buddhism Academy in Ho Chi Minh City (intermediate and advance level), delivered a Dharma talk with the topic:"Etiquette and Respect."

In life, everyone wants the beauty both in mind and in appearance. We, Buddhists, would like to perform the characteristics that are as noble, pure and peaceful as a lotus. Nevertheless, it is not an easy task achieving that level. It requires practitioners diligently, consistently and uninterruptedly following the proper practicing method. Additionally, we should improve our behaviors and manners to be aligned with the Etiquette for Buddhist as well as the six good terms for harmony in daily life and practice.

When performing Buddhism etiquette in activities as walking, standing, lying, sitting, pressing palm together, bowing, and kowtow, the practitioners will get not only the solemn and peaceful exterior but also the better inner because they interact each other. From that base, we will gradually achieve the Sainthood. According to the Venerable, there are 3 stages for us to cultivate our virtue: purifying the appearance, purifying the mind and Attainment. Therefore, right from the initial stage, we need to practice mindfulness and awakening step by step in our daily activities.

Next, the Venerable shared about the important meaning of respect and harmonization. We should perform the relevant respect and loving kindness to others (gratitude and repayment) mentioned inAnguttara – Nikàya,Volume 2, Chapter 37 and the Respect sutra -Madhyama Àgama. In which, the Venerable emphasized the six good terms for harmony in pagoda and monastery. These are the ultimate conditions to build up a sound and healthy group, sangha, or community. With respect and peace in spirit, we will be able to practice easefully and happily. Doing so means we have reflected the spirit "joining the world for all to become Buddha " that our predecessors designed and guided us to preserve and develop Buddhism in this world for the sake of sentient beings’ benefits.

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