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11 Things DailyReminding Yourself

Update: 29/07/2015
After waking up every morning, sit in deep meditation, reflect the mind and body.

11 Things DailyReminding Yourself


Reflection means asking yourself. There are 11 topics for asking yourself.

1.  Ask yourself whether you have done the pious duty to your parents and submission to your elder siblings.

2.  Ask yourself whether you treat your relatives and friends well enough. When you are living or working together, have you kept faith and confidence to each other?

3.  Ask yourself, if there is a large sum of money right in front of you, can you “see gratitude before profit”? If you take the money, is it right or wrong? Can you deny the money which is from karma?

4.   Ask yourself, in four majestic states of “walking, standing still, lying, sitting”, have you ever thought about rendering grace to the holy people and your parents?


5.  Ask yourself, everyday from the morning till the evening, is there any time that you want to do good things for other people?

6.  Ask yourself, is there is a beautiful girl right in front of you; do you like her, miss her or want to get close to her?

7.  Ask yourself, if you know someone’s success, are you jealous?

8.  Ask yourself, when your life achieves satisfaction , would you be able to be modest and not to be arrogant?

9.  Ask yourself, would you be able not to be cruel to poor ones?

10. Ask yourself, if there is good food in front of you, would you think about hungry ones, poor ones?


11. Ask yourself, when you see beggars asking for money, would you help them without including hatred?

  Those questions above are related to morality, which we have to face every single day in our life. When you ask yourself those things, you will realize that you haven’t done enough. You will feel shame in mind. Why do we have to question you? Those have deeply impression. Because of doing that, we realize that we haven’t done our duties and responsibility. We haven’t do filial piety to our parents. We haven’t been faithful enough to our friends. We become greedy right when we see benefits . Our sexual passion rises when we see the beauties. We normally do not know being infected diseases. Because of cultivating, when we wake up every morning, our minds being still in peace, we question ourselves and we realize that we have done little. Why do we have to feel shame? If we are shame of ourselves, we have improved. If there are so many visible mistakes but we cannot see, we still think we are perfect; that means there is no way to heal.


Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Mai Thao.

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