Buddhism & Youth

Competition without the meaning of defeating comparison
Normally, competition means that is a matter between competitors who struggle against each other to...
The 6th Birthday of Dharmapala Group
After busy time for the 87th Seven-Day Retreat and Amitabha Buddha Day, in the afternoon of Jan 07,...
Dhammapala Regular Meeting
On Sun 26, 11, 2017 (Oct 09, lunar calendar), Hoang Phap Dhammapala group held regular meeting.
One Day Retreat for Student
On Nov 26, 2017 (Oct 09, lunar calendar), nearly 1.300 young students from HCMC and other provinces...
Escaping from our own trap
We have read an article like this: “A wife wanted her husband when he went home and bought a...
Hoang Phap Dharmapala Regular Meeting
On Sunday, Nov 12, 2017 (Sep 24, lunar calendar), Hoang Phap Pagoda held regular meeting for...
Ignoring the shifty world
That facts and reasons are unexplainable, and right and wrong are mistaken is ignorant. If people...
One-Day Retreat for Students
On Oct 01, 2017 (Aug 12, lunar calendar), nearly 800 students from universities and colleges in Ho...
The Secret of Roses - 4th Day of Summer Retreat at Dong Cao Pagoda
Manzoni said: “One of the greatest happiness of life is friendship and the other is to have the one...
The third day of summer retreat at Dong Cao pagoda
One-day cultivation has finished, but that gave attendees precious lessons. It was the moment of...
A Di Đà Phật. Kính thưa quý vị để kết thúc chương trình Phật pháp nhiệm mầu kỳ 5 năm 2006 à chúng con xin thành kính cung thỉnh thầy Thích Chân Tính người đã sáng lập ra chương trình Phật pháp nhiệm m
“Do not look at the stars! as many things have not been understood on earth Future of tomorrow is...
Dhammapada Team Meeting
On Sunday, Jul 23, 2017 (Jun 01, lunar calendar) Hoang Phap Dhammapada Team has its regular meeting.