Buddhism & Youth

Dhamma Nature – Part 1
Sometimes, when a fruit tree is in bloom, a breeze stirs and scatters blossoms to the ground. Some...
Turtle Bread
"A yeasted bread that"s shaped like a turtle. Kids love it!"
A Gift of Dhamma – Ending Part
With the tranquil mind investigate the meditation subject which is the body, from the top of the...
A Gift of Dhamma – Part 2
This mind doesn"t have any self or substance. It doesn"t have any form. It just experiences mental...
A Gift of Dhamma – Part 1
I am happy that you have taken this opportunity to come and visit Wat Pah Pong, and to see your son...
Hot Coffee Masala
"The hot drink to drink during cold time!"
Advice for someone who is dying – Ending Part
So don’t waver. Let go. Throw it all away.
Advice for someone who is dying – Part 3
Even if you find yourself thinking, that’s alright too, as long as you think wisely. Don’t think...
Advice for someone who is dying
Don’t wish it were otherwise
Advice for someone who is dying (1)
Ajahn Chah’s simple, profound advice to an aging student approaching her death.
Spicy Baked Tofu
"This healthy, protein-packed tofu dish is filled with flavor. This is a spicy dish. I don"t find...
The Arising of Wisdom
Wisdom (pañña) is to see the truth of the various manifestations of body and mind. When we use our...