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Attempting to be perfect
This life is like a roll of film. Those one who were born early are like the beginning of a film –...
The Benefit of Patience
In Forty-Two Chapter Sutra, Six Protection Paramita Section, Patience Chapter is written: “A monk...
How To Live Pleasing The Others
Once, Master Zhuang Zhou and his students went to the mountain to travel. On the side of the road,...
Friendship in practicing
Those days was the most beautiful ones
How immense love father and mother are! The vast merit of the parents who give us this shape, give...
How to Practice Bowing
When we bow to another person, says Brother Phap Hai, we honor both their goodness and our own.
COVID-19 a Lesson in “Universal Responsibility,” Dalai Lama Says on Earth Day
In a public statement marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on 22 April, His Holiness the Dalai...
Korean Zen Master Pomnyun Sunim Offers Buddhist Guidance for Coping with the Pandemic
The venerable Korean Seon (Zen) master Pomnyun Sunim* on Monday shared a Buddhist message of hope,...
A Million Turn Out for Samyak Mahadan Buddhist Festival in Patan, Nepal
Samyak Mahadan, a thousand-year-old Buddhist alms-giving festival was celebrated from 26–27...
Introducing a new publication: LESSONS LEARNED WHEN VISITING PAGODAS
For generations, going to the pagoda to prostrate the Buddha has become a traditional beautiful...
Saigon in My Memories
I still vividly remember the day I arrived at the majestic land of Saigon, the streets of which...
Photos with lots of emotions
On August 10th, 2019, I opened the website chuabang.com and found the article "Hanoi: Great...