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Tin tức Phật giáo thế giới (tuần thứ 3 tháng 4, 2015)
A Monk’s Property
At one time the Blessed One was living in the Jetavana-vihara in Sràvasti, called monks:
Tương quan thân trước và sau
Blessed Virtue and Merit
Question: What is the difference between merit and virtue?
When you still feel sorrowful, you are not happy yet.
Being Buddhists, all of us have ever seen the statue of Maitreya Buddha in all pagodas.
Soybean Nurturing Brains
Tests on patients with traumatic software suggests adding lecithin in the diet group had shorter...
Without Illegal Trading.
At the period of Buddha, he stayed at Sravasti, Jeta and Anathapindika monastery, The Garden of...
Thinking about death - the way to enjoy fun in Bhutan.
People who live on the rugged Himalaya Mountains think about death every day and accept it...
A dog Coming to Lawcourt to Denounce.
A dog came to law court to denounce. The judge was surprised. He asks the dog:
Overwhelmed with thousands of spiritual Buddha statues through the jungle.
It’s considered as one of the most enormous heritage of the Buddhism perserved until now.
Ladakh - “small tibet” in India.
Though it is quite different from the of desert’s barrenness, Ladakh is so beautiful as nearly a...
Covetousness and the way of elimination
King Mihinda asked Venerable Nagasena about what is different between the greedy one and the...