Buddha Activity

Tens of thousands of people attend an early demand
Morning of 14.02.2014 (the date to 15/1 Year Quarter Ty), tens of thousands of credit men and women...
The first year of penance.
On the evening of 02/13/2014 (to date 14/01 Armor Horse) Temple worshipers Kobo have time to repent...
Dharma Preaching at Tan Phap pagoda, Cu Chi province
In response to the invitation of Abbot Thich Chieu Tuc, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh came to Tan...
Dharma talk at Thien Hoa Pagoda - Binh Duong Province.
Morning of 09.02.2014 (date to 10/01/Giap Horse) Legs Thich Thien Hoa Forest optical number 167/2...
Mung Xuan Giap Ngo in Cambodia.
Festival in the spring, the people Vietnamese eagerly awaited because this is sacred moment...
Beam spring the Horse Armor
On the occasion of Giap Ngo Xuan, Hoang Phap Pagoda Website BBT wish Masters monks, Buddhists...
Spring Day forever
s Spring time represents the date cheerful and happy in life. Spring to the place where he was...
Please Xuan Khanh Pagoda West - Pacific
"Spring was born, lower growth ...", one year beginning with spring. Spring is coming, change meat...
Welcoming Spring Horse Armor
Spring is the season of hope and faith. Moreover, spring is also the time we returned to the loving...
Spring love
Tet, credit men and women come to the temple to pray for blessings Tam told a family in peace,...
Year away from home
Republic of spring in the air, all over the earth and sky as innovation.
Charity in Ho Chi Minh City, Tra Vinh and Tien Giang
Morning of 27.12.2013 (to date 27/12 year quarter Ty), is the teaching of the Venerable Abbot Thich...