Buddha Activity

The Repentance ceremony on Lunar April 14th Goat Year
On the late afternoon of May 31st , 2015 ( Lunar April 14th, Goat Year), despite the weather,...
The Preparation Greeting the Vesak’s Day
“Happiness with The Buddha Birth” 2,639 years ago (624 A.D.)
Dharma Talk at Kim Lien Pagoda – Can Tho
According to invitation of Abbess Thich Nu Nhu Nhan, in the morning May 23rd, 2015 (Lunar April 6th...
Dharma Talk at Long Thanh Pagoda, Vinh Long Province.
In the morning of May 18th, 2015 (April 1st, Goat Years), Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh came to Long...
Dharma Talk at Hoi Duc pagoda-Vinh Long
Accepting the invitation from the abbess Thich Nu Nhu Tri, in the morning 17 May 2015( March 29th...
The Ksama (repentance) Celebration 29th April, Goat Year
In the late evening of 07th May 2015 (29th Mar. Goat year), Buddhists from HCMC and neighboring...
Requiem to Victims of Nepal Earthquake.
The Venerable and Buddhists of Hoang Phap Monastery with almost two thousand good men and faithful...
Hair Shaving to Leaving-Home Ceremony
On May 12th 2015 (Lunar March 25th Goat Year), Hoang Phap pagoda held a ceremony of shaving hair to...
The 79th Seven-Day Retreat
Hoang Phap Pagoda organized the 79th Seven-Day Retreat (from May 10th to May 17th 2015) with...
The 18th Basic Buddhist Course
On May 09th, 2015 (March 21st, Goat Year), Hoang Phap pagoda continued the program of “The 18th...
Animal Release in Dong Thap
In the morning of May 6th, 2015 (March 18th, Goat Year), Jun.Ven. Thich Tam Hue, Hoang Phap...
Start Filming “Going Back To Enlightenment”
After being successful in the film “Path to Enlightenment,” Hoang Phap Pagoda continues making a...