The 5th Scholarship Ceremony of “Seeding Wisdom” Awarded

Update: 20/12/2016
Jan. 31st, 2016 (Dec. 22th in Goat Year), Hoang Phap pagoda held the 5th scholarship awarding ceremony of “Seeding Wisdom”.

The 5th Scholarship Ceremony of “Seeding Wisdom” Awarded


On the purpose of encouraging the spirit of overcoming hardship, creating the bridge between the Anathapindika and the students, the “Seeding Wisdom” fund was established in 2013.

 For four times awarding the scholarships, “Seeding Wisdom” has funded more than 1500 students from financial difficulty and from high academic achievements. Continuing the tradition, in this ceremony, the fund presented nearly 400 scholarships in the amount of one billions. From this training fee funding, the organization hoped that these ones would afford to complete their study as well as hope that they would become good men, stronger and useful to the society.


Attending and witnessing and the ceremony, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda and the founder of the scholarship fund, had a few words of encouragement for the students.


The Venerable congratulated and praised the students presenting at the ceremony as they were the most outstanding ones, who had overcome hardship and challenges to obtain high academic achievements, proving that they had the will and courage necessary to better themselves in life.


Because of growing in the uncomfortable families, they are in need to be supported by social organizations. In the speech, the Senior Ven. mentioned that only if one be brave to face and accept the challenge, then, he/she will gain the success. You are lucky enough because there are still so many disable people in current society, who are lack of support and unable to go to school. If you are willing to transfer the current difficulties and challenges into happiness, you will have a chance to train your decision. Therefore, you will gain the success in future. Success has come with those who are worth of it. To ones who want to have an outstanding will, they must have outstanding resistance to complete extraordinary jobs.


Moreover, he also mentioned that they not only gather the knowledge but also cultivate morality for themselves to become useful in society.

The ceremony ended in the joy of everyone. Apart from the scholarships, each student also received a present from the board of organizers.

Below are the pictures from the ceremony:

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