The 2nd granting the scholarship, titled "Intelligence Seeding"

Update: 19/12/2016
In the morning of 30th March 2014 (30th Feb in Horse Year), the 2nd ceremony granting the scholarship, named "Intelligence Seeding" has been organized by Hoang Phap Pagoda.

The 2nd granting the scholarship, titled "Intelligence Seeding"


After receiving and examining all the applications, they had collected 214 student's applications, which were appropriate to all standards of the scholarship program. Each scholarship is known to be equivalent to a current semester tuition they are attending. The organization hoped that this kind of scholarship would afford poor students to complete their study. In addition, the organizers do not ask for repaying the helpers but hope that they would become good men, stronger and useful to the society.

Following the exchanging communication about students' backgrounds, was the encouragement speech given by Senior Venerable Abbot. In the speech, the Senior Venerable emphasized that only if one be brave to face and accept the challenge, then, he/she will gain the success. You are lucky enough because there are still so many disable people in current society, who are lack of support and unable to go to school. If you are willing to transfer the current difficulties and challenges into happiness, you will have a chance to train your decision. Therefore, you will gain the success in future. Success has come with those who are worth of it. To ones who want to have an outstanding will, they must have outstanding resistance to complete extraordinary jobs. The Senior Venerable showed the gratefulness to the sponsors who granted the scholarships. Thanks to them, the scholarship program is developing better and better.

Another part of the program was a music show performed by some singers with songs such as: Intelligence Seeding, Wisdom, A dream, There is a Path.

At the end of the program, students received not only their scholarships, certificates but also the gifts offered by Hoang Phap Pagoda including: a DVD of Dieu Am Hoang Phap 6, Sun Flowers 3, Ancient Examples, The Sculptor, and books named Special Features of Buddhism.

Hereinafter are recorded photographs

Translated by Tang Gia Boi.

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