Piggy Banks for Buddy-Talent Fund

Update: 04/01/2018
Hoang Phap Buddy-Talent Fund keeps on getting attention and support from kind sponsors. In this 87th Seven Day Retreat, it has received more than 40 pieces of piggy bank with the total amount of 51,495,000 VND. All are great sponsors of the fund including many children who saved money for the fund instead of enjoying breakfast or nosh. Many large thanks to golden hearts for the support to the fund helping needy students fulfilling targets. They are:

Piggy Banks for Buddy-Talent Fund


Lien Minh, Doan Ngoc Tam Chuyen, Dieu Ly – Binh Phuoc, Dong The - Phan Thiet, baby Nguyen Bui Nha Tu, baby Mai Thi Ngoc Tran - 8 years old - Tra Vinh, baby Quoc Binh, Le Thi Son - Thanh Hoa, Ma Thi My Tien, baby Nguyen Truong Dieu Anh, Nguyen Thi Kim Phung, Nguyen Minh Tuan, Le Thanh Tuan Kiet, Lien Nhu – Nha Trang, Nguyen Ngoc Mai, grand dad, Nguyen Thi Chap, Ngoc Minh – 9th grade, Dinh Phuc Tue – 7 years old, Dinh Kim Kha Thuong - 1 year old, Dinh Chi Tien - 5 years old, Nguyen Dinh Bao - 12 years old, Nguyen Anh Quoc - 9 years old, Do Quynh Anh – 8 years old, Do Quynh Chi - 7 years old, Lien yen – Dong Thap, Dieu Anh – Tra Vinh, Tran Thi Dung – Tran T Lan, Nguyen Ngoc Mai Han – 4 years old and Monk Tam Quyet.

Following are recorded photographs:

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