Collection of Piggy Bank for Buddy Talent Fund

Update: 08/10/2017
With the desire to nourish and care for talented students, future of the country, from Buddhists, there have been more than 20 piggy banks sent to Buddy Talent Fund during the 86th Seven-Day Retreat.

Collection of Piggy Bank for Buddy Talent Fund


After the retreat, all the plump piggy banks were collected from golden hearted sponsors including: Mai Thi Ngoc Tran, Buddhist Lien Thuy, Duong Thi Som (Dieu Anh), baby Duc Phat (4 years old), Le Huynh Cong Danh (Quang Thanh), Le Huynh Gia Khoa (Quang Tuu), Vo Thi Thuy (Lien Thuy), Le Thi Hai (Lien Hai), Buddhist Bich Ngoc, Tam Dac, Nguyen Tran, Dieu Mai, Buddhist family Tam Thao – Thien Minh, Nguyen Truong Kha, Nguyen Van Dieu (Bon Thien), Tran Gia Huy, Tran Thi Thuy Trang (Lien Trang), Tran Thi Nhu Hong (Lien Hong), Buddhist family Nguyen Ngoc Tu – Dao Thi Huong – Nguyen Thi Nhu Nguyet – Nguyen Thi To Nga, Tran Thi Que Chi (7th grade) - Nguyen Le Xuan Thinh (3rd grade) - Nguyen Le Xuan An (2nd grade) with the total amount of 31,073,000 VND

Following are recorded photographs:


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