Ceremony Granting Scholarships “Uom Mam Tri Tue” 1st Term, 2013

Update: 19/12/2016
Because of the Buddha work in Northern regions, taking refuge for the Buddhists in Nghe An province and the aid mission for the central provinces where suffered damage from the storm, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh could not attend this Ceremony Granting Scholarships. Nevertheless, with the Venerable’s great care and thorough instruction, the monks in the organizing board conducted Ceremony Granting Scholarships “Uom Mam Tri Tue” 1st Term, 2013 in the morning of October 13th, 2013 (September 9th of Snake year).

Ceremony Granting Scholarships “Uom Mam Tri Tue” 1st Term, 2013

The event took place with a presence of of Junior Ven Thich Chieu Tuc - the Abbot of Tan Phap pagoda in HCMC, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Phong - the Abbot of Giai Lam pagoda in Ha Tinh province, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Trung - the Vice-Abbot of Hoang Phap Monastery together with in-place honored monks. Besides, there were also many honored guests, numerous Buddhists, as well as more than 200 students receiving these scholarship awards and their parents.

In the beginning, Junior Ven Thich Tam Trung – the vice organizer, on the behalf of organizing board, gave an opening speech and introduced the scholarship “Uom Man Tri Tue”. Thus, the scholarship built has been known as a purpose for creating good conditions to help and encourage many students, throughout the country, who have made great efforts with achievements in studying despite of poor family and difficult situations. They are expected to overcome the disadvantages, continue their studying and then they can take part for developing country by their own abilities.

In the event, students disclosed their feelings, shared their thinking and had heartfelt promises. Then, Junior Ven Thich Tam Trung gave the encouragement to them with a hope that they would try to studying better so as to have a better future for themselves as well as for their families and get together in putting up more stable, prosperous country.

The Junior Ven. extracted a quote by Than Nhan Trung, which was carved in an epitaph of Quoc Tu Giam – Ha Noi: “Kind talent is the power of a country” to remind them about their awareness of studying.

The event was continued with granting certificates, scholarships, and Dharma presents to the students by the honorable monks and the guests. Within the event, there was attendance of singers such as Ha Tram, Pham Truong, Vu Bao, Doan Minh, performing many songs about “Deep gratitude” theme.

The event took place in a solemn, tranquil atmosphere and finished in delight. The scholarship granting ceremony was known for more than 200 students with sufficient qualities. The total value more than 500 million VND was taken from the social charity fun of the pagoda.

Following are recorded images:

 Translated into English by Minh Thu-Huf

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