The Plan of Charity and Freeing Creatures

The Plan of Charity and Freeing Creatures on Sep. in 2019

Update: 25/08/2019

The Plan of Charity and Freeing Creatures on Sep. in 2019


Dear Buddhist good men and believing women!

In Sep. 2019, the charity Board at Hoang Phap pagoda will have four charity trips following:

1.On Sep. 02nd, 2019 (Aug. 03th, the year of the Pig):

The Charity Board at Hoang Phap Pagoda donated 50,000,000 VND to build a charity house for Mr. Nguyen Van Sau Nho (40 years old) and Ms. Vo Ngoc Hoa (39 years old) in  hamlet Dong An 2, Tan Thanh, Nga Bay town, Hau Giang. Mr. Sau Nho's family is very difficult. The couple work as a hired laborer to support two small children. The oldest child who reaches grade 6 has to drop out of school because he has no money to pay for schooling. The whole family stayed on the porch of the parents-in-law, unable to put up the small river-side house, in need of the help of the golden hearts.

Attending the trip, attenders contact  Buddhist Hoa Dao, Tel: 0338.197.187

2. Sep. 15th, 2019 (lunar Aug. 17th, the Year of the Pig):

One-day Reciting the Buddha's name at the Minh Dao retreat, in Can Tho.

Attending the trip, Buddhists contact Buddhist Hoa Dao, Tel: 0338.197.187

 3. Sep 20th, 2019 (on Aug 22nd, The Pig Year):

Support 1,200 kg of rice to the Red Cross Association in Hoc Mon district.

4. Sep. 22nd, 2019 (Aug. 24th, The Pig Year ):

Giving 300 gift portions to 300 poor, near-poor household, Agent Orange victims and disabled people in Trung Hung commune, Co Do, Can Tho  (Khanh Lam Pagoda managed by Junior Ven. Thich Thien Tinh), with a total mount of 75,000,000 VND. Each of them included: 10 kg of rice, 1 barrel of vegetarian noodles, 1 shirt, 1 bottle of cooking oil, 1 bottle of soy sauce, 1 Buddha necklace, 1 string of beads. (Each of gift is about 250,000 VND)

Each Buddhist who registered to attend to Charity  the 600,000,  VND including: food, car expense to go and return, money to buy charity gifts. Attended Buddhists should bring the Dharma robe in the charity trip.

Buddhists who register for Charity contact at:

. Hoang Phap Pagoda Office, Tel: (028)3. 713.0002.

.  Buddhist Hoa Dao (0338.197.187).

. Junior Ven. Thich Tam Hue (0775.984.136).

Departing at 3 a.m, on Sep. 22nd, 2019. Buddhists in the distance can come pagoda on September 21, 2019, sleep at here.

We look forward to Benefactors and Buddhists far and near supporting to have successful charitable trips.

Any donations can be directly received at the Hoang Phap Pagoda Office or by transferring money to Charity Board’s account:

 Account name: Nguyen Van Hue

Account number: 6140205527521

 Agribank, Hoc Mon Branch, Hoc Mon town, Ho Chi Minh City.

For the content into the account, please note: "Charity   Donation" or "Release creatures" so that the Charity Board would track and update information on the Website.


We do not assign anyone to get donations. If Buddhists support, please go directly to Hoang Phap Pagoda Office, Ho Chi Minh City or from the account number of the Funds.

Namo Bodhisattva Mahasattva of Joyful Treasury

Hoang Phap pagoda, Aug. 25 th, 2019.

On Behalf of Charity Board   


Junior Ven. Thích Tâm Huệ

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