The Opening Ceremony of Khuoi Luong Nursery School

Update: 02/01/2017
Overcoming hundreds of kilometers in cold night, on December 31st 2016, charity groups of Hoa Phuc pagoda leaded by Venerable Thich Tam Hoa stopped at Khuoi Luong Village, Lang Ngam Commune, Ngan Son District, Bac Kan Province attended the opening ceremony and transferred Khuoi Luong nursery school funded by Hoa Phuc pagoda

The Opening Ceremony of Khuoi Luong Nursery School


After more than 2 months of construction, the nursery school was finished. This is the place where warmth of love and the light of knowledge send to nearly 100 children with H'Mong ethnic people in the village.

In the ceremony, local government authorities, representatives of the school, teachers, parents and pupils attended.

Having a speech at the ceremony, Venerable Thich Tam Hoa said: "This school is from Hoa Phuc pagoda’s Venerables and Buddhists’ heart and love given to the children and relatives of Khuoi Luong. With the love of the Buddhists, we hope that this small gift will help them to overcome difficulties and have more opportunities to study, stabilize life and develop economy in order to escape the poor, the suffering.”

Respecting and receiving honorable love of the pagoda, representatives of school sent sincere thanks to Venerable Thich Tam Hoa, the Buddhists and donors for their concern and sharing that the pagoda gave to school, students as well as people of Khuoi Luong. Representatives of school also said that this completed and using building has replaced the temporary, bamboo, dilapidated and unsafe classrooms in the past. This gift is really meaningful and practical, contributes to reduce the difficulties in teaching and learning of teachers and students, also helps the villagers to have more joy, peace of mind for their children to continue in school.

For the sake of ten years, we must plant trees,

For the sake of 100 years, we should cultivate people.

Also in the ceremony, the Venerable planted memorial trees and donated 01 water filter, 21 student tables and chairs, 01 black board and 21 gifts to the school. Jamblonare planted by Venerable's was a wish about a bright future, a deep human meaning. Green buds were planted to become on-coming fruits. A new karmic presented in this place for personality, morality and knowledge accretion of future generations.

A new learning environment, a new motive force for belief in the growing people, in the teaching in remote village like Khuoi Luong. There will be no more cold when it rains heavily or the chilly wind comes. The children will no longer feel freezing when learning. The joy of children, the enthusiasm in teaching of teachers will replace all things above. The fun of new spring really came to the village and boundless joy came to the Thanh Tinh temple of Phuc Hoa pagoda and Buddhists in the special end-year day.

Here are some images recorded in charity program in the end 2016:

Translated Into English by Cao Thanh Tuyen.

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