The charity trip in Hue City and Thanh Hoa Province

Update: 15/08/2017
The proverb said: "A piece of bright red silk covers the mirror and its stand. People in a country should love each other", which implies the compassion spirit of Buddhism giving happiness and releasing sufferings as well as implementing of social charity affairs which helps reduce pains for the needy.

The charity trip in Hue City and Thanh Hoa Province


On August 5th, 2017 (lunar intercalary June 13th of Rooster Year), on occasion of ceremony breaking ground constructing the Sakyamuni Buddha’s big statue at Phuc Lac Pagoda in Nghe an Province, and the ceremony proclaiming the appointed abbot, the charity board of Hoang Phap Pagoda arrived at â€œThe Blinds Association” in Quang Dien District, Hue City to gave 300 portions of gifts and 400 portions at Phong Dien District.

At Dong Cao Pagoda, the group gave 350 portions. Each of them includes 10kgs of rice, one carton of noodle soup, one blanket, one cotton-T shirt, one bottle of cooking oil, one bottle of sauce soy, one necklace with Buddha statue (each of portion valued 300,000 VND). The total of 1050 portions are 315, 000, 000 VND.

On the way of returning to Hoang Phap Pagoda, the group droped by Vo Xa maket – Quang Binh to buy abanas, shell-fish, fresh water fish, mussel, etc, and recited the Buddha’s name for them, then freed them to the nature.

Although the gift’s material value is not much, it displays the compassion of donators as of followers: Tam Chau Bao, Ms. Kieu’s Bookstore, Ms. Van, Niem, Oanh, Yen, Tam Ngoc Hoa, Tri Tue Hien, Ms. Ngan’s Trang Nguyen company, Ms. Duc Duong, Ngoc, Mr. Tuan, etc, as well as all Buddhists in domestic and oversea, in their heart of love, shared and helped others.

 On this charity trip, Buddhist Tinh Trang, a business man of Transportation Company, supported the transport of 45 charity travellers who safely went to Northern from South during eight days, seven nights. The biggest gift of each member in this trip is the happiness when they gave their own to others. Besides of the material gifts, the receivers get more spiritual encouraging words, friendly, smiles, and loving gesture as well.

 Below are some taken photos of the ceremony:


Chùa Đống Cao - Thanh Hóa


Phóng sanh tại Quảng Bình


Chùa Vĩnh Pháp - Nha Trang


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