Sending Gifts in Tay Ninh, Cu Chi, Hoc Mon

Update: 18/01/2017
On Jan. 15-17, 2017 (Dec. 18-20 Monkey year) monks and Hoang Phap Pagoda buddhists had charity activity, sending Tet gifts to families in difficult living in Tay Ninh, Cu Chi, Tan Hiep Commune and Tan Thoi Hiep, Hoc Mon District, HCMC

Sending Gifts in Tay Ninh, Cu Chi, Hoc Mon


Since ancient time, Vietnamese have always expressed caring spirit, love and help with each other in life: "Intact leaves must protect tattered ones”, or “A stitch in time saves nine”. That’s nice lifestyle, which is also a virtue that Buddhists always thought from Buddha’s teachings about generosity: "Thousands of paramitas, giving is the first".

We are living in fortunate that we have cultivated, but there have too much unhappiness every day, every hour struggling to cope with the disease, poverty. As Buddhists we are not out of pity for the situation: There are our meals solving hunger today but we do not know what to do to get the one for tomorrow. Or it is not pathetic than threatening diseases that have nothing for sale, coping with death with the hope to continue living, continue being a human like all in society, and many, many more in grevious living.

Number of gifts in Tan Hiep commune is 250 servings, Tan Thoi Nhi Commune, Tan Hiep is 100 parts, Cu Chi is 100 parts ( Gia Be is 40 parts, Trung Lap is 60 parts), Tay Ninh is 100 parts consisting of rice, noodles, soy sauce, cooking oil, seasoning. The presents are not valuable but with the unfortunate lives, they get a warm human love in spring from the Buddhist.

Here are some recorded images:

Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh

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