Report of Charity and Creature Release in Feb. 2017

Update: 07/03/2017

Report of Charity and Creature Release  in Feb. 2017




I–Cash Deposit in Jan. 2017: 79,852,000vnd + 800usd + 200euro + 50,000won.

II- Incomein Feb. 2017:

1. Charity Board received: 110,480,000vnd + 200usd.

2. Office received: 26,000,000vnd + 300cad.

3. Transfering A/C to Venerable Hue's: 97,000,000vnd.

4. Transfering a/c to Venerable Hue for building the founder’s worship house: 18,000,000vnd.

5. Foreign currency in Jan. 2017 into VND: 21,000,000vnd.


III- Expenditurein Feb. 2017:

1. Buying 03 portionsof funeral expenses to the poor: 24,000,000vnd.

2. Donating two patients: 4,000,000vnd.

3. Donating Mrs Nhoi in Tay Ninh for her house + furniture: 52,500,000vnd.

4. 500 gifts in Cà Mau city: 102,430,000vnd.

5. Poor persons were donated the transportation costs in Jan. and Feb. 2017 by officers: 2,104,000vnd.

Total: 185,034,000vnd.

IV-Cash Deposit in Feb. 2017: 167,298,000vnd.


-Charity: 36,702,000vnd + 200usd.

. Office : 23,896,000vnd + 300cad.

. Charitable fund in Venerable Hue's account: 88,700,000vnd.

. Donating money to build the founder’s worship house in Venerable Hue's account: 18,000,000vnd.


Charitable work in Jan. 2017: 177,950,000vnd

1. Donating Mrs Nhoi for her house + furniture: 52,500,000vnd.

2. Giving 01 portion of funeral expenses to Mrs Nguyen thi Giau in Hamlet 4, Suoi Ngo Commune, Tan Chau District, Tay Ninh Province + cars for funeral: 10,000,000vnd.

3. Donating 250 gifts in Rach Cheo Commune, Phu Tan District, Ca Mau City: 53,750,000vnd.

4. Donating 250 gifts in Tri Phai and Tri Luc Commune, Thoi Binh District, Ca Mau City: 53,750,000vnd.

5. Donating the money and rice to Hung Phuoc pagoda in Ly Van Lam Commune, Ca Mau City (It was nearly 30 orphans who were feeding in pagoda): 275kg rice + 6,750,000vnd.

6. Donating the money to 05 poor persons in Tri Phai Commune: 1,200,000vnd.

7. Donating a wheelchair to the polio person in Tri Phai Commune.

8. Mr Anh belongs to Vietnamese Foodstuff Company who donates 500kg corn candies: 20,000,000vnd.


Receipt and expenditure report in Feb. 2017 (Jan. Lunar Chicken Year)

I – Cash deposit in Jan. 2017: 113,389,000vnd + 200usd + 50,000won.

II - Receiving in Feb. 2017:

1. Charity received: 74,530,000vnd.

2. Office received: 32,300,000vnd + 330usd.

3. Transferring to Venerable Hue's account: 500,000vnd.

4. Transfering to Master's account: 2,854,000vnd.

5. Releasing money from Buddhists paid by Venerable Huyen: 39,000,000vnd.

6. Cash fund by USD and won (in Jan. 2017) changed into vnd: 5,400,000vnd.

Total: 267,973,000vnd + 330usd.

III - Expenses in Feb. 2017:

. On Feb. 11th, 2017 (Jan. 16th, Lunar Chicken year), releasing creatures in Dong Nai province + Binh My: 161,800,000vnd.

. On Feb. 17th, 2017, Venerable Tam Tinh released creatures: 1,380,000vnd.

. On Feb. 24th, 2017, releasing creatures in Binh My: 11,000,000vnd.

. On Feb. 28th, 2017, releasing creatures in Lam Ha: 10,000,000vnd.

Total: 184,180,000vnd.

IV - Cash-balance in Feb. 2017: 83,793,000vnd.


. Charity: 48,639,000VND.

. Office : 32,300,000vnd + 330usd.

. In Master's account: 2.854.000 VND

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