Over 830 presents offered to the central provinces of Vietnam

Update: 27/11/2017
The 12th storm has damaged to the people in the central provinces of Vietnam. In November 23rd/ 24th 2017, Senior Ven Thich Tan Dat – Member of board of Sangha Vietnam – Vice Permanent Board of the Central Propagation, Vice Secretary of Social and Charity Board, encouraged the support over 100,000,000 vn dong to Binh Thuan Province, received by Junior Thich Tam Vien – secretary of proclaiming board, secretary of Binh Thuan Buddhism social charity association, abbot of Hong Phap Pagoda, HCMC Hoang Phap Pagoda branch.

Over 830 presents offered to the central   provinces of Vietnam


With the closed unification among monks, abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda instructed the monks how to concern about the others as milk and water. Being grateful and responsible for spreading Dharma without profits, Mr Tam Vien and Junior Thich Quang Tien-abbot of Thien Chanh pagoda- HCMC, also monks, Buddhists, and the vice of Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam – board of Sangha Buddhism of Binh Thuan Province visited some premises worshipping Buddhism and local residents in central Vietnam damaged by the 12th storm. 

  In the afternoon of November 23rd , the group came to the Quang Duc Pagoda, Ben Ke Village, Khanh Binh Commune, Khanh Vinh District to offer 200 presents, each one including an 300,000 vn dong cash, a box of instant noodle, fish sauce, and blanket, which equals about 500,000 vn dong each. In the afternoon, the staff divided into some small groups to visit 10 pagodas, destroyed by the storm and offerings for their cultivation. Vinh Phap Pagoda – branch of Hoang Phap Pagoda offered its private fund 12,000,000 VN dong, board of Sangha offered each pagoda from 5,000,000 to 15,000,000 VN dong.

 In the morning of November 24th, the group arrived in Nha Trang to Bao Tinh Pagoda, Tuy Hoa City to offer and visit Binh Chanh village, An Dan Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province with over 300 presents to the people. Then, they moved back to Khanh Hoa Province to offer to Khanh Hien pagoda, Khanh Hoa Province and Phuoc Hoa Pagoda, Ninh Hoa Province and gave local victims by storm 420 portions. The ones who wereold and alone received their present at their home.

 In short, the board of Sangha Buddha of Binh Thuan Province offered to pagodas 90,000,000 VN dong, supported to local people in flooded affecting 410,000,000 Vn dong, the total was over 500,000,000 VN dong. We are honestly grateful to Buddhists Ngoc Hanh, Nguyen Tuyet, Nguyen Chan, Quang Duyen, electrical store Yen Trang and other Buddhists for supporting our meaningful charity trip.

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Translated into English by Cam Nhung

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