Medical Testing and Gift Offering in Dong Nai Province – Liberation in Tra On & Cu Chi

Update: 15/03/2017
On Mar, 11th, 2017 (Lunar Feb. 14th, Chicken Year ) the charity group of Hoang Phap Pagoda in company with the group of health examiners at An NghiepWard, in Can Tho City has come to Vien quang Pagoda of Xuân Đông commune, Cẩm Mỹ district, Đồng Nai province and given gifts to the poor residents, Buddhists and families.

Medical Testing and Gift Offering in Dong Nai Province – Liberation in Tra On & Cu Chi


Xuan Dong is the poorest commune of Cam My District. Every year, the Venerable abbot of Vien Quang pagoda organizes charities to support poor residents on the purpose of helping them ease their hardships.

Group of interns gave the poor 300 doses of medicine (120,000VND/dose). The charity group also gave the poor 300 gifts (182,000VND/gift). Gifts included rice, vegan noodles, a blanket, bracelet, Buddha necklace….) the total of charity money in Xuan Đong commune was90.420.000đ. Meanwhile, donated by the group members of An Nghiep charity medical examination – Can tho city was 36.000.000đ. The total gift money of 54.420.000đ was donated by Miss y Hong's family, Ms Lien Kieu, Ai Nu, Ms Lien Phuc and the remaining medicine and gifts were given by Budhhists everywhere. Mr Tinh Trang – Can tho supported transportation to give rides to the doctors and Mr Viet- Binh Chanh supported trucks for transporting gifts.

Before that, over two days in March, the 6th& 8th, 2017 the charities distributed over a ton of different kinds of fish with the value of 42.794.000Ä‘ which was donated by Ms Lien Oanh famil, District 10, Mr Pham Ngoc An family- Tra On and budhhists everywhere.

Here in after are some recorded photos:


Translated into English by Pham Tran Chuong

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