Hoa Phuc Temple Heated Love for Ethicnity New Year

Update: 24/01/2017
Spring has come, apricots are blooming petal, the flow of people on the streets everyone is bustling, busy preparing to welcome Tet Festival of the nation. Besides the fun, the excitement for a short spring days then also sadness somewhere, so upset, loneliness of the elderly, the poor children, orphans, underprivileged, the poor laborers who work hard all year and still not have enough to eat.

Hoa Phuc Temple Heated Love for Ethicnity New Year


With aspiration of swallows bringing Maitreya spring to everyone on the occasion of Roster Year, Hoa Phuc Pagoda, Truc Hoa village, Thach Hoa commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi. TP. Hanoi has organized a series of heating love activities, gave gifts, helped create conditions for the students, the elderly, the blind and the poor relatives of people had the opportunity to welcome a warm Maitreya spring, enough to the full .

In the journey of warming up the love there, Hoa Phuc Temple has recently donated 64 New Year gifts for 64 poor students in School Facility Thach Hoa commune, each gifts including 1 sneakers, 5 notebook, 02 pens and 1 red envelope, gifts worth VND 500,000vnd.

On Dec 19th Money Year, monks and Buddhists in ashrams came to Feeding centers for the elderly and disabled children in Thuy An for giving rosaries Buddha, Dharma books, 300 feeding bottles for infants and new clothes and nearly 400 confectionery gifts, canned milk to members who live at the center.

On Dec 23rd Monkey Year Buddhist communities by Venerable Thich Tam Hoa – abbot at Hoa Phuc Temple led to visit and give gifts to 139 visually impaired people as members in Blind Association of Quoc Oai District. Each gifts including candy and 1 red envelope worth 100,000vnd.

On Dec 24th Monkey Year, Venerable Thich Tam Hoa and some Buddhists went to the headquarters of the People's Committee of Hoa Thach to visit and present 81 gifts for 81 poor families in the commune. Each worths 340,000 VND gifts including cash and candy.

The total value of gifts during voluntarily doing good Tet traditional national is 88 million vnd. These gifts are maybe small, but it is emotional, the heart of monks in Hoa Phuc Temple and Buddhists in ashrams desire heating love, sharing difficult, needy, heartwarming students, the elderly, the visually impaired and poor farmers, helping everyone have a New Year warmness, a spring Maitreya truly happy.

Also on Dec 24th, Hoa Phuc temple solemnly held Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva seated ceremony and set free end of year in ashrams.

These last days of year, Hoa Phuc Pagoda was really closed in unbounded joy as the smile of the Bodhisattva Maitreya.

Here are some recorded images:


Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh

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