Giving the charity house at Tay Ninh province.

Update: 07/04/2017
In the morning of April 04th, 2017 (Lunar March 08th, Roster Year), the charity group of Hoang Phap pagoda gathered at Tan Thuan hamlet, Tan Hoa commune, Tan Chau district, Tay Ninh province to give charity house for Mrs. Giap Thi Nhoi.

Giving the charity house at Tay Ninh province.


On behalf of the local authorities, Ms. Han handed the decision to donate the charity house for Mrs. Nhoi with deep gratitude to Monks and the Buddhists who helped her to get a shelter. In addition, the Charity Board also donated an ancestral altar, a set of table and chairs, bed, cabinet, television, DVD player ($ 12,500,000) and 200 USD + 1.150.000 in cash which were raised from Ms, Nga Huynh and Buddhists. Attending the ceremony of giving the compassionate house, Ms. Oanh who raised fund about 40 million to build this 50 square meter house.

Over two months since we have notice to help Mrs. Nhoi with a humane house, the charity group received53.650.000 VND and 200USD. Sincerely thanks to Ms. Lien Oanh’s family, district 10, HCMC, Ms. Nga Huynh and all Buddhists who opened hearts to help Ms. Nhoi getting arefuge.

The Charity Board also received 80 million VND for 10 full burial services at Long Tho, Cu Chi province by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha and Mr. Ngo Quang Hiep’ families. Until now, Hoang Phap Charity Group has 12 burial services in total for poor people. (8 million for per service)

Giving the announcement to the Buddhists if anyone has demand to help, please contact the office of Hoang Phap Pagoda. Tel: 08.3713.0002.

Here are some recorded pictures:


Translated into English by Le Thien An

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