Giving New-Year Gifts at Lam Dong Province

Update: 20/02/2017
In the morning of the date Feb 14th 2017 (Jan 18th Rooster Year), Hoang Phap charity group came to visit Lam Phap branch in Lam Dong Province and gave New Year’s gifts for families in Lien Ha Commune, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong Province.

Giving New-Year Gifts at Lam Dong Province


After breakfast, the charity group has been guided by Venerable Thich Tam Dien to have a look around the land which is one of Hoang Phap branches .This is one of the newly established branches of Hoang Phap Temple, which still faces with many economic challenges as well as workforce. But the monks here have been trying to build ashrams, as well as land reclamation for cultivation of crops, reduce part costs for branch activities. After the tour, the group bought fishes for releast in large lakes.

Then, the group came to the People's Committee of Ha Lien, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong Province, giving 150 gifts for difficulty families in this area. Each gift is valued of 300.000 VND from Buddhists’ donation.

During this trip, the group received enthusiastic support from the local authorities and Lien Ha Commune, Lam Ha District. The leaderships sincerely sent grateful words to Hoang Phap Buddhists as same as monks in Lam Phap branch made contribution in the activities of various organizations who were interested in material life and spirit of the people in the region. The monks also sent wishes of health to people who work in government, as well as sincerely thanked to those leaderships who created good conditions for Hoang Phap Buddhists about Buddhism activities there.

Here are some recorded images :


Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh

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