Charity Trip in Ca Mau and Burial Support in Tay Ninh

Update: 23/02/2017
Feb 21st 2017 (Jan 25th Rooster Year) Hoang Phap charity group came to Ca Mau presented 500 gifts for poor people, disabled, orange agent patients in 2 districts of Phu Tan and Thoi Binh.

Charity Trip in Ca Mau and Burial Support in Tay Ninh


In Van Phuoc temple, Rach Cheo Commune, Phu Tan District, the group presented 250 gifts included : rice, instant noodles, blankets, corn candy , Buddha necklaces and rosaries…(215.000vnd/gift) for poor people in 3 communes of Rach Cheo, Tan Hung Tay and Tan Hai belonging to Phu Tan district.

In Ca Mau city, the group presented 275 kg of rice and gave 6.750.000 vnd) to 30 orphans who have been brought up by nuns in Hung Phuoc temple, Lung Dua Hamlet, Ly Van Lam Commune.

In Thoi Binh District, the group presented 250 same gifts to poor disabled, orange-agent victims in halet 1 to hamlet 7 belonging to 2 communes of Tri Phai and Tri Luc. The group offered to 5 poor people who were infected with agent orange (1.200.000 vnd) and a wheelchair to paralyzed ones with 2 legs .

The total amount of gifts in Ca Mau is 115.450.000 vnd from Buddhists’s donation. Viet Nam Food Company in Binh Tan district presented 500 kg corn candy valued of 20.000.000 vnd

Earlier on Feb 18th2017 (Jan 22ndRooster Yer) the charity group presented a funeral package for Nguyen Thi Giau 75 year olds at Hamlet 4, Suoi Ngo Commune, Tan Chau District, Tay Ninh Province. It is known that there is a family with 10 children working away, but also without any facilities of living. This family is poor in the village. She had stomach cancer after a time of treatment, she died at 9am on Feb 18th2017.

The funeral of elder Nguyen Thi Giau was held simply in accordance with the rites, customs and traditions of the Vietnamese people by Thap Long Tho Park Crematorium ( Cu Chi District, HCM City ) and Cong Tho 2 ( Thu Duc District, HCM City ).

Total cost of burial is 10.000.000 vnd (including coffin, shroud bathing suit, hearse, cremation cost = 8.000.000 vnd, buses = 2.000.000 vnd). Burial package was served by Tinh Hung, buses were supported by Ngan of Trang Nguyen company

Here are some recorded images :

Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh

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