Charity Summary In April 2017

Update: 11/05/2017

Charity Summary In April 2017




  1/ On April 06, 2017:

Handled charity house to Ms. Giap Thi Nhoi in Tay Ninh (including a DVD player and cash: 1,150,000VND + 200 USD of Ms. Nga Huynh)


2/ On April 09, 2017

400 charity sets in town Đam Ri, Da Huoai Distriict, Lam Đong Province = 128,000,000VND. In which, Charity health service An Nghiệp in Can Tho City supported for medicine of 30,000,000VN.

3/ On April 13, 2017

Supported money for building house + medicine expense to parents of a monk's  of Hoang Phap Pagoda =        73,500,000VND.

4/ Buddhist Dieu Duyen + Dieu Hien supported Mr. Dac fixing road of 4,000,000VND.

5/ Five cancer patients:      11,000,000VND.

6/ Supported bus fare to poor people: 2,345,000VND.

7/ Ten funeral service packages for poor people:    80,000,000VND

Translated into English by Ho Truc Ly

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