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Charity Plan Of February 2017

Update: 05/02/2017

Charity Plan Of February 2017





 In February 2017 (Lunar January, Rooster Year), Charity Committee of  Hoang Phap Pagoda expects to arrange such  2 periods at Tay Ninh Province and Ca Mau Province as:



1/ February 16th, 2017 (Lunar January 20th, Rooster Year):

Supporting Mrs. Nhoi’s family in Tan Thuan Hamlet, Tan Hoa Commune, Tan Chau Ward, Tay Ninh Province with the amount 40,000,000 VND in order to rebuild her house, whose wall was collapsed after the storm for more than 3 months ago and they had not able to afford to repair.


 2/ February 21st, 2017 (Lunar January 25th, Rooster Year): give 500 gifts at Ca Mau Province.


 - Give 250 gifts (200.000 VND/ gift) for poor people and the elderly in Phu Tan Commune, Rach Cheo Ward. Location: Van Phuoc Pagoda. The amount for 250 gifts is 50.000.000 VND, including: 


• Rice:                           10kg                       =  100.000 VND


• Instant noodles           1 box                      =   54.000 VND


• Blanket                       1 blanket                =   46.000 VND


Total:          =  200.000 VND


 - Donate same 250 gifts for people disabilities and people in difficult situations at Tri Phai Commune and neighboring communes Thoi Binh District with the amount of money is 50.000.000 VND. 



- 500 parts  x 200.000 VND = 100.000.000 VND

- Mrs. Nhoi’s house              =   40.000.000 VND


Total: 140.000.000 VND


 Anathapindika Buddhists and business people donate and fund to support Mrs. Nhoi’s family, poor people and people with disabilities at Ca Mau Province and Tay Ninh Province. 


 All your contributions were applied to the office directly or bank transfer to the account of Charity Committee. 


Namo Merit Great Bodhisattvas Mahasattva 

Translated into English by Le Thien An

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