Animal releasing In Cu Chi District

Update: 05/09/2017
Let live right in human nature/ Widen mind love by help of life/ Being good mind has no faults/ Releasing animals will reduce karmas for bright mind.

Animal releasing In Cu Chi District


On Ullambana occasion of paying gratitude, we should perform good and useful deeds, which helps transfer these merits to our present parents with peacefulness, happiness and good health; our ancestors' rebirth in the Pure Land. Creature release will get much benefit, such as keeping compassion mind, growing longevity, protecting environment, ecosystem and life on harmony between human and lingving beings

Practicing the Buddha’s teaching, at 8:00 p.m. on Sep. 2nd (July 12th Rooster Year), the monks of Hoang Phap Pagoda and Buddhists bought 2210 kgs of catfish valued 39,6 million VND collected by Ms, Kim Cuong, Kim Lan, Hong Van, Lien Hien, Kim Hien, Mr Trang (Can Tho), Ms. Duc Duong and all domestic and oversea Buddhists. The number of catfish was freed to the nature after the Ven. took Triratna refuge and chanted the Buddha‘s name in the joyfulness of the mass.

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