C/O: Falsifying the media channel of Hoang Phap Pagoda .

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The technology information today has developed and played a necessary part in people’s life. In propagation work, the Internet becomes one of the most useful means. It also causes some negative effects. For instance, someone uses names of pagodas and monks on purpose to set up many public websites with the same activities, as the pagoda’s whose objective is diffracting the information as well as doing personal plans by using the appellations of the honored. Regardless of good or bad things, all of these which are not being agreed are the wrong and lack of respects for the honored monks. Furthermore, these cause many sorrows and unbelief for the Buddhists because of being unable to distinguish between the genuine and fake.

In fact, Hoang Phap Pagoda and its monks are also in the above situations; therefore to avoid unexpected things happening, we would make some notice:

1. The news of Hoang Phap pagoda is only posted officially at the website http://www.chuahoangphap.com.vn.

2. The sole e-mail box of the pagoda for communication in the internet is the site: hopthu@chuahoangphap.com.vn

3. The Abbot and all Hoang Phap’s monks do not use social websites, forums or blogs such as: Zing, Face book or Twitter, and so on as the collective presentations or individual. In case that a monk introduces himself as Hoang Phap’s and uses a website for his purposes, all of which are fake or individual. Would the individual case noticed be contacted and informed us for an instant regulation. With this notice, we hope to avoid regrettable misunderstandings from the Buddhists.

Ho Chi Minh city, September 3rd, 2013

The Hoang Phap Pagoda.

The Abbot

Thich Chan Tinh.