Appeal of Writing Buddhist Short Stories

Namo Sakya Muni Buddha!

 Esteemed Buddhists!

 In the past years, together with various Buddha periodically annual activities, Hoang Phap Pagoda published and gave out many presents Buddhist recording tapes and disks. These activities were designed to help countless Buddhists everywhere in their finding about Buddhism. In addition, recorded the Buddhist musical programs organized recently by our pagoda have been paid very much attention to, a lot of sympathy for, and welcomed from Buddhists. Especially, since the appearance of Hoang Phap Periodic Reviews, we have continuously received many articles, pieces of research and countless contributions for the review contents. That must be a great encouragement for us, who have the mission of the propagation of faith, and may accomplish many printed new Buddhist cultural publications.

 It is in this goal - our further pushing up the mission of propagation of faith - and meeting fully the needs of various people. Hoang Phap Pagoda has the intention to publish a short story book on Buddhism with our inner wish  -  being able to propagate the dogmas of Amitabha Buddha - and directing ourselves to the joyfulness of our present  life.

 Contents (Suggested):  Transshipping the profound Buddhist dogmas of Amitabha Buddha, which are His extremely marvelous daily life but very close and simple to everybody, and His spiritual contributions to humanity society and the marvelousness of Buddhism as well, etc.

 Topic (Suggested): The road to enlightenment, deadlocks, and contradictions from human beings, especially from the youths in this present society, which have been solved in the view and viewpoint of Buddhism; human life in Buddhist spirit, etc.

 Condition: Short stories must be new - that is, they have not appeared in any of the media. Also, don’t forget to mention the name and telephone number(s) of the writer for us to get in touch with.

 With such inner wishes, the Board of Cultural Activities of Hoang Phap Pagoda earnestly expect to receive from you, Buddhists indulging themselves with the writing short stories. Please send your pieces of writing to the following address:

Văn Phòng Chùa Hoằng Pháp, xã Tân Hiệp, huyện Hóc Môn, Tp HCM  -

 Tel. O83.7130002.

On the envelope, please put this line, “Buddhist Short Story.” You can also send your writings to the following e-mail address:

 Hoang Phap Pagoda, September 15, 2013.

Thich Chan Tinh,