Confidential words for readers

Activities of dharma talk or sutra lecture, text compilation of Buddha's teachings, print buddhist sutras free distributionwith the aim of awakening people will bring joy to them. They are also called offering of dharma and worthwhile for the community.

If being unable to afford it, we can buy some sutra books and lend them to some. Then, they are passed to others. It is an unestimated value to read sutra books aloud to someone, especially the illiterate. These are also called offering of dharma.

It is the Buddha that taught: "The offering of Dharma is the most precious of all."

 First, it is advisable that wealth and fame be ignored and Buddhism be understood correctly and spread widely, which is our main lofty objectives. The foundation of Buddhism crucially depends on our contribution. So, each of us should support it with some stone, mortar or even a brick so that it becomes stronger and more solid forever.

 Next, thoughts of being rewarded for our merits should be put aside. Be concerned about those who are on the wrong paths, in sins that seem inescapable around us. Save them, enlighten them with the truth; help them find joy of the right dharma as soon as possible, which contributes to the sustainable development of Buddhism.

 "Have practical action for the development of Buddhism". Hopefully, benefactors will come to the decision of supporting free distribution of Buddhist sutra books after reading these words, which makes immeasurable merits.

You may not be pleased with yourself to make a small donation while a large donation is beyond your financial ability. However, you can spend that money buying books on Buddhism and give them to others. This present is certainly more spiritually valuable than anything else that costs a lot of money.

For further information about donation to the free distribution of Sutra Books, please contact:Hoang Phap Pagoda, Tan Hiep Commune, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City. 

Tel: 08.37130002 - 08.37133827. 

Translated into English by Mr.Nguyen Xuan Thanh.